Jeremy Corbyn Vows To Immediately Recognise Palestine If Elected

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Jeremy Corbyn says he will immediately recognise Palestine if elected Prime Minister

Jeremy Corbyn, Britain’s leader of the Labour Party, has vowed to immediately recognize the state of Palestine if he is elected Prime Minister this June.

In Labour’s 2017 election manifesto, the party promises that it is committed to a two-state solution to solve the decades long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, warning Israel that it would not tolerate military aggression in response the conflict. reports: It added that Hamas, the de facto leaders in the besieged Gaza Strip, must also end rockets ” in order for leaders to enter “meaningful negotiations” and develop a “diplomatic resolution.”

“A Labour government will immediately recognize the state of Palestine,” the manifesto added.

Earlier this month, the United Kingdom’s House of Lords released a statement that strongly criticized the British government’s “very degrading, dismissive attitude” towards international efforts to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and suggested that it take a stronger stance to advance a two-state solution, including recognizing a state of Palestine.

Slamming US President Donald Trump’s policy-making as “mercurial and unpredictable,” the report called for a more engaged British political stance in the Middle East, including vis-a-vis Israel and Palestine.

Calling the peace process “bogged down, static, and paralyzed for some years now,” the report denounced Trump’s ambivalent stance on the conflict, as the American head of state said in February that he could “live with either” a one- or two-state solution, in a significant departure from the US’ publicly held position in favor of a two-state solution to the conflict.

The report also denounced Trump’s campaign promise to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as “inflammatory,” and his appointment of settlement supporter David Friedman as ambassador to Israel as likely to raise tensions.

The report was also critical of the international community’s reaction to Israeli violations of international law, saying that Israel was “treated with kid gloves.”

It reiterated the UK’s position in support of a two-state solution, calling it “the only way to achieve an enduring peace that meets Israeli security needs and Palestinian aspirations for statehood and sovereignty.”

However, it warned that the current context made it increasingly likely that a two-state solution “becomes an impossibility and is considered no longer viable by either side,” and called for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to remain a priority in British foreign policy.

“The government should give serious consideration to now recognizing Palestine as a state, as the best way to show its determined attachment to the two-state solution,” the report read.

While members of the international community have rested the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the discontinuation of illegal Israeli settlements and the establishment of a two-state solution, a growing number of Palestinian activists have criticized the two-state solution as unsustainable and unlikely to bring durable peace given the existing political context, proposing instead a binational state with equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians.


  1. The british created this problem when they first betrayed and partitioned Palestine in 1918.
    Then sold Palestine to the world zionist congress in 1941, and expected the Palestinians to simply disappear.
    Now they think they might finally atone for their crimes, by simply recognizing Palestine. I think it may take a little more atonement than that. A full military rescue and liberation would be a good start.

  2. The Anglo Zionist Propaganda Machine abhors this decision.
    A recent peer reviewed Genetic Study from John Hopkins University by a Jewish MD showed that Appx. 97.5% of Israeli Jews living in Israel have no Hebrew Blood at all, and are from Ancient Kazaria in Eastern Europe, now the Ukraine, and some were called Ashkenazi and are not Semites at all, while Appx. 80% of the Palestinians have Ancient Hebrew Blood and are true Semites. This has secretly been admitted to in the highest echelons of the Israeli government and was leaked in a largely ignored article.

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