Lord David Steel Nominated Paedophile Clement Freud To Be A Sir

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lord david steel
Pedophile Sir Clement Freud

Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord David Steel, nominated paedophile TV broadcaster and Liberal MP, Clement Freud, for a knighthood in 1987, according to the Cabinet Office.

Lord Steel also backed serial sex offender and child abuser, MP Cyril Smith, for a knighthood in 1988.

lord david steel
Cyril Smith with David Steel

Daily Mail reports:

The disgraced MP and former TV and radio star became a Sir in 1987 and when he died in 2009 aged 84 Lord Steel paid tribute with a glowing obituary.

The peer, who also backed another child abuser – Sir Cyril Smith – for a knighthood, called Freud ‘one of those rare characters who managed to excel in several spheres’.lord david steel

According to The Sun on Sunday‘s Mike Sullivan, the Cabinet Office originally refused to say who proposed Freud for a knighthood.

But after an appeal it was revealed that Lord Steel was the sponsor.

Freud was exposed as a paedophile in June. One of his victims, Sylvia Woosley, told how he had ruined her life after sexually abusing her from the age of ten.

Meanwhile Vicky Haynes, 64, who was raped as a teenager by Freud, even alerted the Madeleine McCann investigation after realising that the serial child predator had befriended Kate and Gerry McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal, where he had a villa.lord david steel

Another woman to come forward, Rosemary Rimmer-Clay, said Freud had lunged at her with a ‘horrible slobbery kiss’ when she was 19.

Mrs Rimmer-Clay, 62, had been a student at Dundee University, where Freud was the 51-year-old Rector – as well as being an MP – when in 1975 he invited her for coffee one evening.

She agreed because he was ‘a bit of a hero of mine’. She said: ‘I’m older and wiser now but at the time I thought he just wanted to chat about university.’

It was also claimed earlier this month that Freud got a 17-year-old teenager he hired as a nanny pregnant before throwing her out of his house.

Relatives of the teenage nanny told The Sun how he got her pregnant and described how she was forced to leave his home, ending up in a home for unmarried mothers and giving the baby up for adoption.

lord david steel
Sir Clement Freud
lord david steel
Sir Cyril Smith
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