MI5 Chief Says UK On Highest Terror Alert

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Mi5 chief says UK is currently on its highest terror threat level - meaning an attack is imminent

The head of Britain’s MI5 spy agency, Andrew Parker, has told the BBC that the domestic spy service needs greater powers to keep up-to-date with technology used by terrorists, and warned that the terror alert was currently set to severe – meaning an attack is imminent. 

Daily Mail report:

MI5 Director General Andrew Parker said Britain was facing its most serious terrorism threat since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and had foiled six attempted attacks in the last year.

“It represents a threat which is continuing to grow largely because of the situation in Syria and how that affects our security,” Parker said.

In August last year, Britain raised its terrorism threat level to “severe”, the second highest stage which means a militant attack is considered highly likely. It was largely due to the danger the authorities say is posed by Islamic State fighters and Britons who have joined them.

Intelligence chiefs and Cameron have argued for years that Britain needs to give the security agencies greater powers to address the threat and prevent another attack on the scale of the suicide bombings in London in 2005 when four British Islamists killed 52 people.


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