Town Covered In Foam Following Storm Ophelia

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Storm Ophelia caused some odd phenomena including a red sun and an eerie yellow sky across the UK during the storm.


But now an entire town in Lancashire has been covered in foam.

The high winds which battered Lancashire, whipped up waves of surf from the sea and sent them over the whole town of Cleveleys.

The Independent reports: The bizarre occurrence, around six km north of Blackpool, was documented as Ophelia raged over Ireland and the UK, making landfall in County Kerry in west Ireland early Monday morning and pummelling the country with gusts of wind up to 100 mph.

Ophelia was a Category 3 storm as it intensified over the weekend, churning from the Azores across the Atlantic towards the UK.

Experts claimed it was the most eastern storm in the Atlantic Basin since Hurricane Frances in 1980 and the worst storm in general since Hurricane Debbie in 1961, which killed 12 people.

Although the storm has since weakened, Ireland has been warned to prepare for Storm Brian this weekend. Around 2000 homes in Wales are still without power.

A yellow weather warning for wind remains in Northern Ireland, southern and central Scotland, north England and north west Wales on Tuesday afternoon.

Ireland has already been hit with a red wind alert this week, with all schools closing down and public transport networks severely disrupted.

Niamh Harris
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