Healthy 17 Yr Old Put In Coma After Suffering Sudden Heart Attack At Football Training

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A “fit and healthy” seventeen year old was put into a coma following a sudden heart attack after football training.

Kieran Prescot from St Helens, was given CPR by staff after he collapsed following his training with the the Parkdale Sidac Celtic Under 18s team in Merseyside.

On arrival at hospital he was put into an induced coma

The Mirror reports: His mum has told the Liverpool Echo she is grateful her son survived the ordeal thanks to the heroism of medics and football club staff.

Sara Jones, 41, said: “It was a normal day, I’d dropped him off at football training at Sutton Academy.

“The training was due to come to an end and usually he would be one of the first ones out because he normally goes to training for another team afterwards.

“I was with one of the other mums, we parked next to each other in the car park. We were sat in the car because it was quite cold, chatting away as normal.

“She got a phone call from her son, he said Kieran had collapsed and we needed to go over to the pitch but obviously by the time I got there they were doing chest compressions on him.

“It was quite a shock to be honest. I had my 15-year-old daughter with me so she witnessed all of that. It was heartbreaking.”

Sara said football coach Ian Morley initially started administering CPR before Craig Milligan from Sutton Leisure Centre took over until an ambulance arrived.

She said she would like to thank everyone who stepped in to help Kieran and helped to save his life, from the staff at the football club and the leisure centre, to his team mates, manager of the football team Kev Flannery and football coach Alan Leyland.

Sara said: “There were so many people involved, it was a lot of team effort.

“He’s been playing football since he was 12. He’s very fit and healthy, even the lads on his team were quite shocked.

“He’s the fittest one on the team, he doesn’t go out drinking, he doesn’t smoke, so we would never expect something like that to have happened.”

Kieran spent 24 hours in an induced coma at Whiston Hospital before doctors started to bring him around.

Sara said: “When I’ve spoken to the doctors and staff at the hospital they said he’s got an out of rhythm heart beat, I can’t remember the exact words they used.

“It’s where his heart goes out of rhythm so he’s got to have further scans at Broadgreen Hospital.”

Sara said: “They might need to put an internal defibrillator in so it will keep his heart beating at a normal rate so if it goes out of sync it will give it a little shock.


  1. He was not vaccinated for covid, hence there is zero mention of it in the article. Nonetheless, the worms come crawling out of the woodwork and blame the non existent vaccination. People forget that kids with heart defects have been having medical problems while playing sports for YEARS.

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