George Galloway: Facebook Is Colluding with the ‘New World Order’ to Kill Independent Media Forever

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George Galloway warns Facebook is working with the Deep State to completely eradicate independent media forever

British politician George Galloway has warned that Facebook is secretly colluding with the ‘New World Order’ to eradicate free speech and kill off independent publishers forever.

In an op-ed for RT, Galloway pointed out that the recent spate of Facebook ‘whistleblowers‘ emerging at the same time that Big Tech has vowed to “reduce the presence of politics” on the site is all part of a coordinated plan to further control free speech online.

Galloway writes:

“If you had told me during the years I sat with Nick Clegg in the British Parliament that the achingly liberal member for Sheffield Hallam – later to become deputy prime minister of the UK and Sir Nick ­– would become chief censor of the biggest public square on the planet, Facebook, I would never have believed it.

In the 2010 general election, when Clegg got the Liberal Democrats off to a flying start in the televised debates, “I agree with Nick” became the catchphrase of his trailing opponents. What began as an expedient has now become compulsory.

Because if you’re on Facebook and Sir Nick Clegg takes a dislike to what you have to say, you won’t be heard for long.

I declare an interest. I am heavily invested in free speech on Facebook. I have 600,000 followers on there – more than nearly all UK political figures – and an audience for my speeches and clips etc. of many millions.

When I read Clegg’s pronunciamento recently that he was going to cut back on political content on the platform I saw it as a threat. Pictures of my breakfast are but a small part of my Facebook oeuvre.” reports: According to Clegg“One of the things we have heard from users both from the US and around the world since the election is people want to see more friends, less politics. So we have been testing ways in which we can reduce the presence of politics for people’s Facebook experiences.”

Then I watched with fascination the orchestral manoeuvres in the dark of a congressional inquiry into Facebook where a whistleblower, Frances Haugen, was whistling a highly convenient tune for the powerful – in the company and in the powerhouses of the establishment – and I realised we were all being played. And that Nick Clegg is no longer a liberal.

Facebook will fight to the death to stop those with the “wrong” opinions from being heard. Cue: something must be done!

Facebook’s Whistleblower A was heard throughout the world. Another whistleblower, Julian Assange, has not been heard for many a year on account of his incarceration in Belmarsh maximum security prison in London, facing the rest of his life underground in an American Guantanamo.

Whistleblower A was concerned about body-shaming on Instagram and other such ephemera. Whistleblower Assange was concerned about bodies, quite dead, at the hands of those like the congressional audience humming along with confected horror at the tales of Whistleblower A.

And lo, out of the west, comes news of a Whistleblower B. Another ex-Facebook employee, Sophie Zhang, has volunteered her horror stories about Facebook Fake News influencing elections all over the world.

Ms. B, a San Francisco tribune, has not yet named and shamed, but the elections in question are unlikely to be the ones – in Russia for example – when a full-court NGO press was captured on video seeking to reduce the victory of President Vladimir Putin’s parliamentary party, even if it meant boosting the Communists!

More likely she has the likes of Donald Trump in mind as the US rulers begin to show signs of meltdown at the possibility of the Orange Man’s resurrection.

No doubt Ms. Chang will manage to cite mysterious Ivans and Lis who are still toiling ceaselessly to install favourable candidates in office in a way the ENTIRE Western mass media and political class would never dream of.

The mood music is clear. The wrong people have turned out to be just too successful at persuading the public that our rulers and their principal narratives are quite naked. They have no clothes.

They must be stopped. And like the famous village in Vietnam which had to be destroyed in order to save it, freedom of speech must be extinguished in order to preserve it. It’s the liberal way…


  1. don’t use facebook, what is the matter with people? just stop logging in! it is that simple. cut all ties with facebook and twitter. It is incredibly easy.

    • Facebook now holds businesses’ information and rescues hostage to the sign in. For example-you wanna look at a restaurant’s hours of menu & they don’t have a website-but they have a Facebook page. Makes me wonder exactly what’s in their jew terms and services that they would do that.

      • Don’t associate with entities that try to entrap you into any Internet activities that require you to open an account with Facebook. Just move on Next.

        • that is exactly what i have been doing for a decade.
          I admitt about 15 years ago, when ever facebook first came out, I did sign up an account, then something happen that really revealed to me what facebook was, they went into my email contact list, then emailed, without permission and sent out emails to all my contacts, even contacts that were evicted tenenants. This was a serious issue. I immediately went to delete my FB account, but actually I could not delete it. I still have an account, but i never log in, and can’t delete it. they won’t let you delete it.
          Try and delete you account, just try it, you won’t be able to .

          • You can’t delete your account. This has become a big problem for people that want to remove the accounts of the deceased.
            Using fake names was the best way back then. My mother used a shortened version of her name & the government was trying to force her to use that name as her legal name. So now she never logs in.

        • Yeah-I don’t. I just was noticing how they used to allow no sign in access for businesses that keep their page public. But things have changed. And they desperately want you to log back in. Ain’t gonna happen. I’m old school anyway.

    • Well I have friends on four continents and we stay in touch, even chat in real time, using Facebook and Facebook tools. I certainly limit my ‘news’ feeds and have a good ad-blocker and never buy anything on there. It’s a tool like many another. Thanks.

  2. Tell us something we don’t know. Or better yet-get on msm so normies can hear it-if they can even hear any truths at all anymore. Seems theyre addicted to lies

  3. Facebook wants social media to be regulated by Government.. then non-regulated companies will be banned and suppressed. Facebook companies will have an even bigger monopoly. This clown Clegg and his counterparts in the US are just grandstanding. The are the biggest beneficiaries of ‘safe’ social media.

  4. I have to assume that most people knew what the motives of the so-called whistleblowers were when Congress actually got them to testify the day after the sad 60 minutes documentary. If I don’t assume people are not that stupid to believe it then I have to assume that Society really is as dumb as the bile that spouts from mainstream on a near daily basis and if that’s true Americans should start learning Chinese soon because not only is your country being systematically dismantled right before your very eyes the military is also being gutted through the ridiculous mandates.

    And a country without an army is ripe for the taking.

  5. It’s not just FB, it’s all of big tech. That’s part of the media arm of the cabal to control the narrative & the people. It all must be destroyed.

    • It’s rhe Vanguard Corporation that is the major shareholder of everything Internet EVERYTHING. They’re running it all except Facebook which is the CIA.

  6. Independent media was being wiped put bought out taken over since the 70s They either ruined the independent news papers by not providing advertising or nefarious “secretive” Machiavellian machinations, or bought them out and then corripted their ideogy. With imported books they simply banned them and so dlosed down the independent book shops. With publishers they ruined them or bought them out and closed them down. With preexisting books they had literally, believe it or not teams of agents in every community fissuckinh through garage sales, op shops second hand book shops and buying up every book they want destroyed By the 80s they hade volunteers in all the op shops censoring the books and mostly just sending tonnes of books, all published before the 1980s straight to the tips. Its not new In tbe libraries they for the staff to do the sane, simply send them lists of all the books to be removed from the shelves. Including the school and University libraries. That’s reality about freedom They’re just doing the same thing with the Internet now too.

  7. juist as the britty`SS invasion did for the commie wealtha.IF you are called to blow and it has to do with the 1% you are DOA before you get there.That is the SOP of the beast since I`ve been somewaht alive partly dead from their kilROY`ss

  8. twit&face have never been a speak easy-everything you write online or post online is owned by the provider but yet since the internet I have thrown my free rants to them so I can watch them fight over my garbage writtings smit they even stole my off line copy righted lit propertys since I was four and Iàm now 64.After the 1960s anti war anti nuke got shut down NO american artiste has ANY RIGHTS at all.I was called to Blow but that is only the !% calling you to be publicly put dwonst like a rabid dog

  9. the commie wealth ake the royual brit.china air force sine WW-II is the NEW? world order`SS fratty rattys

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