Jim Carrey ‘Framed’ For Manslaughter After Exposing Illuminati On Live Television

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Jim Carrey framed for manslaughter of girlfriend after he exposed the New World Order on live television

Evidence has emerged that Hollywood actor Jim Carrey is being framed for the death of his girlfriend Cathriona White, following his public attempts at exposing the Illuminati.

A judge confirmed that a trial would go ahead over claims the actor used his ‘wealth, influence and celebrity status’ to provide the prescription drugs on which Cathriona White, 30, overdosed.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jim Carrey’s physician was “engaged in a conspiracy to wrongfully and illegally provide medications to Carrey under false names,” without Carrey’s knowledge.

This all followed Jim Carrey’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2014, in which the actor revealed the secrets of the illuminati to a stunned audience.

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During a grand entrance to the show, Carrey comes forward on Kimmel’s stage making an obvious and in-your-face illuminati hand hand gesture. The crowd then erupt into screams and applause over this unexpected sign.

After the audience calms down, Kimmel asks, “What is that exactly? Is that a gang sign?”

Carrey sarcastically responds, “Oh like you don’t know what it is” to which Kimmel insists he doesn’t.

Carrey then follows up by making the same illuminati gesture again saying:

“So you don’t know what it is, Jimmy Fallon doesn’t know, David Letterman doesn’t know what it is, all the comics in show business don’t know what this is?”

After Kimmel continues to deny knowing what Carrey is doing, Carrey finally goes on to explain (with a not-so-serious undertone) how many people in the entertainment industry have been hired by the government to distract the masses by making us happy and docile, so that we don’t know what’s really going on. Carrey also adds that they decide these things “out in the woods in a circle, naked.”

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Next he reveals that the Illuminati is trying to turn the masses into “consumer drones,” after which he receives a fake phone call which he answers. We watch as his face immediately turns serious, and a curious Kimmel asks who it was.

Carrey is now zombie-like, and turns to Jimmy explaining, “I’m sor-ry, Jimmy, I-was tempor-arily inter-rupted by my iPhone 6+, with HD display,” the audience erupts in laughter and cheers.

Is Jim Carrey Responsible For His Ex-Girlfriend’s Death?

Jim Carrey’s relationship with Catriona White was rocky from the outset, with an on-off relationship since 2012.

According to a lengthy declaration in court back in October 2016, Carrey said the following about Catriona:

“Between 2012 and 2015, I was involved in two romantic relationships with Cathriona White,” he began his declaration.

“Although there were times during this period we were broken up, for much of the time between 2012 and 2015 we were together as a couple, including after she reached out to me in November 2014 to reconcile and resume out relationship which lasted until her death.”

According to People magazine, White reached out to Carrey for a reconciliation just two days after Jim’s appearance on Kimmel.

Although Ms. White suffered from depression, Carrey claims that she was never suicidal before the November 2014 reconciliation.

In a 10-page court declaration, Carrey noted that his late girlfriend had secretly married another man while they were still in a relationship.

“To my surprise, I later learned that in January 2013, Cat married a man in Las Vegas for her green card, while at the same time maintaining her actual relationship with me,”

Evidence suggests that Carrey has been wrongly accused of providing his girlfriend with prescription drugs, which are being blamed on her suicide. As the case continues we will continue to bring you updates about this story.


    • I would agree except that the sequence of events is very curious: 1. Publically mock and expose the illuminati, 2. End up being arrested for girlfriend’s murder. This does have the aroma of a setup. And this is not without precedent. research the deaths of Martha Mitchell and Mae Brussels.

  1. I don’t know the complete fact but I’ll take an educated guess and say that Jim Carrey’s innocent of the charges, because he didn’t force his girlfriend to take anything I’m sure. And of Jim Carrey didn’t give her the drugs that she overdosed on or whatever she did, she would have gotten the drugs from someone else because drug addicts always get their drugs.

  2. I love the way people are always so quick to jump on the bandwagon of accusing people of things which they know NOTHING about.
    You weren’t there you know nothing. I have always been a huge Carrey fan and have never once heard of him doing anything to hurt anyone.
    And duh, no one was ever killed or ruined by the ILLUMINATI!!!!???? Jim is very brave to expose them. I believe in Jim 100%.

    • Has he really exposed them? It wasn’t very convincing if that what he was trying to do, if he was trying to make a point he might have stopped the audience from laughing and told them hes been serious.

  3. The Illuminati will make an example out of Carey…………Too bad the rest of Hollywood, or, just people in general, do not stand with him on this…………

  4. Actually he was mocking the audience and tylering for the ‘illuminutty’ by making it sound so ridiculous as to not be believed. Yet it’s true that he did reveal truths, he just did so in the same occult mockery, and it was not intended to be taken seriously but to be another layer of misdirection. Keep in mind this is the same guy who went on SNL as HELLVIS, and decades previous he played a guy who was burned almost to death and got some of us to laugh at it (not me, I always hated fire marshal bill and thought it was in very poor taste, even as an irreverent teenager with a very perverse sense of humor). This is called psychopathologization or normalizing psychopathy: like “hah hah look at him he burned all his skin off and now is permanently disfigured: HILARIOUS”

    So no, he’s not “illuminating” anyone. He’s doing what’s called “revelation of the method” which is revealing to us all that the illuminati does do, but pretending like it’s not real or delivering it with a suspension of disbelief that is permanent because they reinforce the idea that conspiracy theories are always something to laugh at, because people have a short attention span and/or no historical knowledge upon which to map out patterns of behavior of these secretive groups like ‘bohemian grove’, which is in fact a real place for supranationals to go in private and crossdress and perform unusual rituals in front of a 23.3′ owl statue

    • So my point is I don’t think this death and his jimmy kimmel appearance have anything to do with each other

    • It took amazing courage for him to do what he did and the system made him pay right away, so what you are saying is utter nonsense. You are trying to de-legitimize Carrey, steal his thunder, and reduce the impact of his brave action.

  5. At least we know, by the length of his ‘ring finger’ vis-à-vis his index, that Jim Carrey is genetically a male. That cannot be said for most of Hollyweird’s Tranny actors.

  6. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach the Way the Truth and the Life is Coming! Repent and serve God for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand 🙂

  7. Sounds like just another stunt to me, how is that exposing the Illuminati, and I would have more sympathy for him, if he didn’t defend Kathy Griffin, and her disgusting, sick jokes, and his own disgusting sick baby jokes about Trump. If he is falsely accused, he deserves it, in light of what he did to Trump.

  8. Jim is trying to work on his insanity defense. He is hoping his jury will be composed of the same idiots that watch Kimmel.

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