Thatcher’s Dark Legacy

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Thatcher's Dark Legacy

Former British Prime Minister, the iron lady, Margaret Thatcher, is increasingly remembered for the child abuse that she allowed to take place within her government.

Telesur reports: The so-called “Iron Lady” has been hailed by the Right as the champion of neoliberalism: the winner of the a war against Argentina over the Malvinas Islands, and the leader who beat the unions into submission and yanked Britain out of recession.

However, the repuation of the ever-controversial leader is today being further undermined by the recent exposure of a pedophile ring within her government.

Allegations arose in June that a group of Thatcher’s cabinet ministers, intelligence chiefs and other high-level officials had been systematically sexually abusing young boys during the 1980s.

Further claims emerged: Not only was Thatcher aware of the gang’s activities, but she ordered a whitewash to prevent the public from discovering the truth.

According to a man who claims to have been abused by the so-called Westminster pedophile ring —named after the London borough where parliament is situated— one Conservative member of parliament strangled a young boy to death, and two other boys were also killed at horrifying sex parties.

Furthermore, two newspaper bosses have come forward to say that they were issued with D-notices —orders to prevent publication of information that might endanger national security— under Thatcher in 1984, when they were about to print stories about the alleged abuses. These included details from a dossier, handed to them by former Labour minister Barbara Castle, hinting at a much wider media blackout on the story.

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