A Bug That Crashes Skype Has Been Discovered

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People who use Skype should be on the alert that a bug sent as an innocent message could crash their app.

A very harmful Bug has been found online that could crash the Skype application used for chats and online calls. The bug is sent as an eight character message to the victim’s device.

If a friend sends you the message, it could cause your Skype app to crash. Upon opening the message, the user’s Skype app will crash and stay crashed every time they try to sign in. Once the characters are in the app’s chat history, Skype won’t be able to start. The bug affects most operating systems, but not all. There is a fix to the problem and further information would be available from Skype as they  continue working on the problem.

The Next Web reports:

If the discovery of a bug that crashes iPhones with a simple string of characters wasn’t enough for you to deal with, Skype is being affected by a similar problem.

Users that receive a message containing “http://:” are unable to open Skype, with the app instantly crashing upon opening on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

If you receive the message, there’s no way to fix it yourself outside of asking the person who sent you the message to delete it, then to reinstall an older version of the app, which is only possible on Windows.

We’ve asked Microsoft for comment and will update when we hear back.

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