Child Pornographer Convicted of Kidnapping Amish Girls

Fact checked

A man who was convicted of kidnapping two Amish girls in order to make child porn has pleaded guilty.

According to ABC News [1]:

Stephen Howells and girlfriend Nicole Vaisey were charged by federal prosecutors with coercing and sexually exploiting the girls and other children. Both have pleaded guilty to child pornography charges, remain jailed and await sentencing.

Howells on Friday also admitted he pushed the girls into a car his girlfriend was driving.

Authorities say he lured the girls with a dog.

He faces 25 years in prison. His girlfriend also has pleaded guilty to kidnapping.

The Amish girls were 7 and 11 years old. They were abducted Aug. 13 from their family’s roadside farm stand. They were released from the couple’s home the next day.



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  1. Isn’t it amazing these obscene degenerates have a difficult time finding at-will individuals for their tiny minded mammalian inventions???

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