Strange Voicemail Left By Woman’s Dead Grandpa Goes Viral

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Spooky voicemail left by woman's dead grandpa goes viral

A bizarre audio recording purporting to be the voice of a woman’s dead grandfather has gone viral on social media, after a mom posted the clip online. 

Reddit user heaveninarms posted the clip of what her mom claimed was a message she received earlier that day from the ominous (000) 000-0000 telephone number. reports:

The call went straight to voicemail. Here’s what they got:

“Uhh…This is dad, I was trying to contact you. Uh, this is dad.”

The voice reportedly sounded like heaveninherarms’ grandfather… who died in March from mesothelioma. No one in the family forwarded the message.

She then posted this sample video of him when he was alive for comparison. So what happened?

Did the message accidentally get left in a queue and somehow didn’t send until now? Or…?

The weird part is, if it is a hoax, heaveninherarms isn’t the first person to report this same story.

Makes you wonder if something like that is possible…