Michigan Gov Calls On Residents To House & Settle Illegal Migrants

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Michigan has become the latest state to push a migrant housing scheme as cities find it increasingly difficult to deal with the massive influx of illegals pouring in from the open border.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is now urging residents in her state to help house illegal aliens as the migrant invasion crisis worsens.

Her administration is looking for volunteers to help with several tasks, including, “meeting the person or family at the airport, helping find housing, enroll children in school, and help with finding employment for adults,” according to an ABC 12 report.

The state Department of Labor and Economic Development said volunteers who wish to participate must commit for at least 90 days as part of the refugee support program.

According to a statement issued by the Global Michigan Director and Michigan’s Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, Poppy HernandeZ : “Expanded refugee resettlement pathways empower more Michiganders to support our state’s growing refugee population and build a more welcoming and inclusive Michigan for all.”

Fox News reports: Sponsors would be expected to support newly arrived refugees by greeting them at the airport, securing and preparing initial housing, enrolling children in school and helping adults find employment.

The migrants will come from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela, all points of origin where many have been hoping to apply for asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Fox News Digital has reached out to the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Development for more information.

The request comes as multiple cities are grappling with how to house and provide services to newly arrived migrants from the southern border. 

Cities like New York and Chicago have also dealt with issues related to migrants committing crimes, as well as pushback from residents who have voiced anger and concern over the influx. Migrant shelters in those cities have largely been full, forcing officials to come up with ways to safely house the migrants.

Last year, Massachusetts officials asked residents to open their doors as migrant shelters were full at the time.

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