Dominion Technician Who Scanned Ballots in Georgia Also Worked for Kamala Harris in 2019

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Dominion rep who scanned ballots in Georgia also worked for Kamala Harris

A Dominion representative tasked with scanning ballots in Floyd County, Georgia, worked as an official photographer for Kamala Harris’ campaign last year.

Aric Thompson, a Dominion technician and one of people in charge of scanning ballots during the 2020 election, worked as an official photographer for Senator Harris in 2019, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He even has a portfolio online showcasing photographs he took of her. reports: Additionally, there are reports that no observers were present for some of the scanning.

“This is one of 2 men scanning in ballots in Floyd County. He worked for Kamala Harris. According to Rome City Commissioner Democrat Wendy Davis, & Floyd County GOP Chair Luke Martin, no observers were present for some of the scanning. Over 3000 uncounted votes found,” Real America’s Voice News reporter Heather Mullins tweeted.

Mullins also shared social media posts from Thompson in which he bashed President Donald Trump.

Earlier this month, the Board of Elections in Georgia’s Floyd County voted to fire Chief of Elections Clerk Robert Brady after officials found thousands of uncounted ballots.

Thompson was photographed scanning ballots with Brady the day after the election.

Fox reports that “Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger blamed the problem on Floyd County election officials failing to upload votes from a memory card in a ballot-scanning machine.”


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