Judge: Plea Documents Of Prince Andrew’s Pedophile Friend To Be Unsealed

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A few months ago, we reported on Prince Andrew’s pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein’s attempts to keep his plea deal documents sealed (read here), but a Florida judge has decreed that there is no substantial reasoning to keep the documents from being made available to the public.  

In Florida, The United States District Court ruled that Epstein  “has not demonstrated that good cause exists” to keep official documentation “of any and all correspondence in this case” confidential.

This announcement could potentially make the details of Epstein’s alleged actions public, not to mention who might get mentioned.

Radar Online reports:

An “interest in public disclosure” takes priority over “Epstein’s interest” in keeping the info under wraps, the West Palm Beach-based court said.

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In anticipation of Epstein appealing, the court ruled that no actions can be taken until after Monday, April 27, which presumably gives the financier ample time to respond to this week’s decision. Should Epstein attempt to appeal prior to said date, the plea deal details will continue to remain confidential, pending the appeals court’s ruling.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, the two plaintiffs in the ongoing case against Epstein have looked to have the plea deal details in a July 2007 letter unsealed. Epstein’s legal team filed legal docs in opposition in January to prevent the plea deal from hitting the “worldwide media,” which they argue would “irreparably harm” them and their controversial client.

One potentially explosive element in the plea deal could be the mention of one of Epstein’s big name associates: ex-President Bill Clinton.

Epstein “sex slave” Virginia Roberts has denied ever sleeping with the former commander-in-chief, and is on the record saying she never saw him having sex with anyone else. Her allegations against Prince Andrew were dismissed by a judge earlier this month.

Epstein spent 13 months in custody following his guilty plea to state charges.



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