Government Contractor Buried Nuclear Waste Near Playground

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A US government contractor has admitted that the US dumped nuclear waste near a kids playground

Radioactive nuclear waste has been found near a playground in St. Louis, where a government contractor had dumped tens of thousands of waste barrels decades ago. 

Residents near the area have reported of unusually high cancer-deaths, and say they are a direct result of the nuclear waste buried there. reports:

CBS News has interviewed many of the residents that lived and played in the area as kids, and found that a shocking number of them have all come down with cancer.

These older residents discovered the pattern after they tried to reconnect with each other on social media, and noticed that many of their peers had cancer, or had been sick in the past.

However, it seems that the area is still quite dangerous. One resident told CBS that “Within a six-house radius, I knew four people with brain cancer, one a child, one a young professor, and I just thought, ‘This is really odd.’” She later compiled a list of 2,700 cases of cancer, tumors, and autoimmune diseases in the area.

The park where these adults used to play in as kids has since been gated off, as the Army Corps of Engineers tries to clean up the radioactive waste.

The company that dumped the waste is known has Mallinckrodt, who helped the US government process uranium in St. Louis during World War Two. They’ve since issued a statement that places the blame for this disaster on the shoulders of the US government.

“The company worked under the direction of the US government…and at no time did Mallinckrodt own any uranium or its byproducts.”

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