Trudeau Regime Ordered Disabled Veteran To Be ‘EUTHANIZED’ Because She Cost the State ‘Too Much Money’

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A disabled veteran in Canada has revealed that the Trudeau regime pressured her to be euthanized because she didn't have enough money to afford a wheelchair lift in her home.

A disabled veteran in Canada has revealed that the Trudeau regime pressured her to be euthanized because she didn’t have enough money to afford a wheelchair lift in her home.

Yes, really.

Retired Army Corporal Christine Gauthier, a former Paralympian, testified in Parliament on Thursday that a Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) caseworker, working on behalf of the Trudeau administration, made the assisted suicide offer.

After years of frustrating delays in getting the home lift installed, Gauthier says the caseworker told her: ‘Madam, if you are really so desperate, we can give you medical assistance in dying now.’ reports: The worker who made the offer hasn’t been named, but they are feared to have offered three other veterans who contacted VAC with problems the same ‘solution’, Global News reported. 

The scandal emerged a week after Canada’s veterans affairs minister confirmed that at least four other veterans were similarly offered access to Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) law in response to their troubles, a situation Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called ‘absolutely unacceptable’.

Gauthier said that she has been seeking VAC assistance in getting a chairlift for her home since 2017.

‘It has isolated me greatly, because I have to crawl down my butt with the wheelchair in front of me to be able to access my house,’ she told Global News

She said she was shocked by the offer of suicide from the caseworker, which came in a conversation in 2019.

‘I was like, ‘I can’t believe that you will … give me an injection to help me die, but you will not give me the tools I need to help me live,” she said. ‘It was really shocking to hear that kind of comment.’ 

Gauthier was injured in an Army training accident in 1989, suffering permanent damage to her knees and her spine.

She competed in the 2016 Paralympic Games and Prince Harry’s 2016 Invictus Games as a canoeist, power-lifter, and indoor rower. 

Gauthier’s testimony, and reports of other similar cases, have drawn public outcry, and Trudeau vowed to make changes.

‘I have said repeatedly that this is absolutely unacceptable, and as soon as we heard about this we took action,’ Trudeau said in Vancouver on Friday.

‘We are following up with investigations and we are changing protocols to ensure what should seem obvious to all of us: that it is not the place of Veterans Affairs Canada, who are there to support those people who stepped up to serve their country, to offer them medical assistance in dying,’ he said.

Medically assisted suicide was first legalized in Canada for terminally ill patients in 2016, but last year, the law expanded to offer euthanasia to patients whose natural death is not believed to be imminent. 

Now, people with long-term disabilities can also receive medical assistance in dying. Last year more than 10,000 people in Canada died by euthanasia.  

Starting next year, a new law will allow people suffering from mental illness, which had not previously be a qualifying condition, to receive medically assisted suicide. 

The expansion of Canada’s euthanasia laws, already among the most permissive on the planet, has raised concerns from some quarters.

One doctor told that he is worried about the expansion, as it will turn suicide into a standard treatment for mental health conditions with little oversight or guidelines.

Dr Trudo Lemmens, University of Toronto professor of health law and policy, told that the system might create an ‘obligation to introduce [suicide] as a part of’ mental health treatment.

‘Imagine that being applied in the context of mental health. You have a person suffering severe depression, seeks help from a therapist and is offered the solution of dying,’ he continued.

He fears that vulnerable patients who aren’t in the right state of mind could be convinced suicide is a reasonable option. Dr Lemmens called the entire system a ‘perverted concept of autonomy’.

There are already signs the system is failing some Canadians, with reports of people receiving approval for assisted suicides for diabetes or homelessness. 

Last month, a Canadian man facing eviction made international headlines when he applied to be legally euthanized and die rather than face homelessness. 

Amir Farsoud, 54, applied for the drastic measure after the rooming house where he lives was put on the market. His debilitating, untreatable back pain, made him eligible for medically assisted suicide under Canadian law.

Farsoud had received one of the two doctor signatures required to be accepted by the government euthanasia program — but a GoFundMe page set up in his name by a stranger wound up raising him over $60,000 – enough to get him new housing and to change his mind about ending his life.

Last week, a Canadian fashion giant was accused of glorifying suicide after launching a media campaign that appeared to promote euthanasia.

The ‘All is Beauty’ video ad, launched by La Maison Simons, centers around a terminally ill woman, Jennyfer, 37, who ended her life with medication intervention in October.

The three-minute video shows Jennyfer and loved ones waving bubble wands next to the ocean, having picnics in the forest with friends and watching a puppet show.

In an audio overlay recorded weeks before her death, she says: ‘I spent my life filling my heart with beauty, with nature, with connection. I choose to fill my final moments with the same… Last breaths are sacred. When I imagine my final days, I see music. I see the ocean. I see cheesecake.’

Yuan Yi Zhu, a policy expert at the University of Oxford, told ‘By presenting a woman’s decision to commit suicide as an upscale lifestyle choice, Simons is glorifying suicide and telling vulnerable Canadians that they would be better off dead than alive.’

The video has also drawn criticism from social media users who slammed it as ‘ghoulish’ and likened it to ‘sci-fi dystopia’. 

Since it was uploaded about a month ago, the video has garnered more than 1.1 million views on YouTube. A 30-second snippet of the video posted to Twitter has about 1.6 million views.   


  1. Funny to see the word “Regime” applied to western governments.. The chickens are coming home to roost!

  2. There have been disabled Neanderthals unearthed who were obviously taken care of in their disabled condition by other members of the group. What does that say about the current Canadian Government attitude toward fellow disabled humans?

  3. The tycoons are getting restless in killing one citizen at a time; Hence the greedy medical profession influence.

  4. People who believe in after life and Heaven should be allowed to choose. And those who believe in nothing. People should have the right to suicide withput drs getting paid to sign some form. It’s none of their business and they should be excluded totally from the decision.

    • I’ve never been a supporter of this euthanasia business. But I’m against stopping anyone who really wants to do it. A bottle of Canadian Club and a handful of sleeping pills has been doing the trick for 75 years. I know, because that’s how my grandmother did it back in 1979. Nobody who really wants to off themselves needs a doctor, except to talk them into it, which is what this is really all about.

      That fucking Trudeau knows that, don’t let him kid you. That’s why he’s never going to change the legislation enough to make sure that aspect of it comes to an end.

    • Yes, well I believe true suicides do it for themselves and don’t care about legality. Those who want a system to approve and assist them are just day trippers who’ve not really thought it through. Lucky for them, the system should provide that assistance to the hesitant. Encouragement and support, helping you over the line when you doubt yourself and start having destructive thoughts of wanting to live, rather than deciding for yourself to end it on your terms, now, in this little box, with all the proper paperwork to allow for the orderly disposal of your existence. And file away your records, forever in some vast depository. You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave.

  5. How long before they have mobile euthanizing vans putting humans to death like they have in China for the condemned?

  6. sounds very ummmm hitlerian doesnt do away with the infirm poor and disabled wonder when race is placed on the “list” of reasons

    • Times change. We love Nazis and consider them to be victims of oppression just because Russia whacked them for a bit of nationalistic genocide. I am waiting to see either Hitler redeemed as a hero and given a NOBEL prize posthumously, or to be somehow separated in infamy from the poor misunderstood Nazis he tarnished by association.

      • “nazi” is a slur adopted by the murderous “allies” as a propaganda tool. once you realize that germany was no threat to anyone but the chosenite bankers and was attacked you will begin your deprogramming.

  7. Absolutely bogus title. Why?

    Are you trying to turn Newspunch into the next National Enquirer? Yellow journalism will not help the cause of the alt media.

    • These days news titles need to compete with Armageddon and Zombie plagues. They have to stretch things enough to appear on the same page as a lot of striking and apocalyptic headlines which don’t even have to exaggerate to get attention. It is also not any sort of stretch of imagination to see the headline being realised within a decade. To get there, it first needed to become legal and institutionalized. Both boxes now ticked. Authoritarianism, check. Mandates on health and medical interventions…check.. Next thing is to systemize it. Then the push of a key by some faceless ratbag is all it will take. No appeals. These things are not done in one move. They are a web of interconnecting points which when brought into alignment, allow for a routine shift into the unthinkable.

  8. A canoeist, power-lifter, and indoor rower, spotting bench presses from her wheelchair, won’t scoot around on her butt to get around her house. She has the option to not to get the expensive gear, and not to kill herself, and to still be handi-capable, in spite of her impediment.

    • Her handicap was caused by her service to her country! Why would anyone want to put their lives on the line to defend a country that euthanizes its soldiers when they are inconvenient? WTH are they thinking? That is not only psychotic ( lacks human quality of empathy), but it is stupid as well. Oh, right, it is socialist thinking.

      • When one sees socialism or communism either confused for each other, or spoken of in such ridiculously inappropriate terms, you can be sure this is an American. There’s a lot of farcical things about Americans but the most preposterous of all their failures of comprehension of either the spelling, or definition of some fairly well established ENGLISH words. is the total blindness to the meaning of Socialism, to the fact the top ten nations, maybe more now, for national satisfaction and happiness and prosperity are Socialist and also their closest allies. They wouldn’t know a Communist if they had him a President and no, Joe Biden is neither a Communist nor a Socialist. I will never be able to see an American use these words, without spitting in contempt I am sorry. Enough is enough! The propaganda of the cold war is ancient history. Time to pick up a book on the subject not written by one of your own cackling baboons or at least a proper English dictionary. Nothing published in the USA to be on the safe side.

        • Your typical rabid, hateful, & offensive BS is irrelevant. We will, instead, consider the erudite words of your brilliant, but evil & psychotic, leader: “The goal of socialism is communism”-Vladimir Lenin.

  9. As if “death by natural causes” for decades and decades isn’t simply withholding water from severely ill people.
    It’s been SOP for so long for so many that even as it occurs right in front of you, you don’t notice or want to notice.
    If you withhold water from Hercules he won’t last a week what to say of the weak and severely ill more than 2,3,4 days.
    Natural causes indeed..

  10. Her handicap was caused by her service to her country! Why would anyone want to put their lives on the line to defend a country that euthanizes its soldiers when they are inconvenient? WTH are they thinking? That is not only psychotic ( lacks human quality of empathy), but it is stupid as well. Oh, right, it is socialist thinking. Are we ready to welcome the traditional bloody great Purges that ALWAYS follow a Communist takeover? It is for “the greater good” (of the Party leaders who know what is good for the cattle, er…toiling masses), you know.

    No matter what the name of their ideology id, the leaders who claim to know best, & claim to do what is best for their people, seem to believe themselves god like & entitled to become parasites on those who actually contribute to their society & country by raising food & creating shelter & what is needed to live. These “leaders” begin to steal more than is health for the people & the nation & burden the people with harmful laws & taxes. It does not matter what name they give the ideology of how they govern,the end is the SAME! To escape this end, the people must hold those who govern accountable. That means that they need to monitor their government, understand the issues, & have a secure means to rid themselves of parasitic & rapacious leaders.

  11. I feel sorry for the employee for being scapegoated. If this is your legal policy, it would have been remiss for that employee not to have told you about it. It is a government plonker plonking away at its mindless task the way they do. If the rules and regulations tell them to stab you with a letter opener and then take a sample of your blood to be pinned to the document, most of them won’t even need to go and ask a superior anything, except to borrow a letter opener.

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