Kanye West: ‘Protect Your Kids from Being Brainwashed by Hollywood & Media’

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Kanye West warns parents to protect your kids against Hollywood and media brainwashing

Kanye West has warned parents that they need to protect their children from being ‘indoctrinated’ into embracing a Godless existence by the media and the entertainment industry.

The Trump-supporting rapper was speaking to an audience at Joel Osteen’s church in Houston during one of his Sunday Service events.

Kanye began by pointing out that many celebrities are in service to Satan and not God because they value money and power over everything else.

“You start to feel like Satan is the most powerful and you start to feel that if you service God in life it means you will not prosper and the only way to prosper is in service to fame,” said Kanye.


Summit.news reports: “The devil stole all the good producers, the devil stole all the good musicians, all the good artists, all the good designers, all the good business people and said you’ve got to come over and work for me,” he added.

Kanye reassured the audience that a shift was happening and that his conversion to Christianity is a major part of that shift.

“Jesus has won the victory because now the greatest artist that God has ever created is working for him…All of that arrogance and confidence and cockiness y’all seen me use before, God is now using for Him,” said Kanye.

The Jesus is King singer then turned his attention to cultural degeneracy, telling the crowd; “We have our own daughters and we’re still rapping about trying to hook up with somebody’s daughter.”

He went on to urge parents about the necessity of “protecting your kids from the indoctrination of the media, the thousands of thousands of images that are fed to children by the age of 6 or 7.”

Kanye added that images are “purposely mixed in to lower the kid’s super power and esteem so that they can be more susceptible to consumption and feel that they need to consume and become a part of the robotic numeric system that controls so much.”

With words like these, is it any wonder Yeezy is hated by much of the mainstream entertainment industry?


  1. If he’s genuine in his beliefs, good on him. He’s dead-ass right about deals with the devil within the music industry, going way back.

    • True, Osteen is a wolf in sheeps clothing so Im not feeling kanye’s legitimacy in dealing with him (though i agree with some of his points)

      • I’m thinking maybe he’s trying to renege on his own deal with the devil. Bob Dylan admitted on “60 Minutes” that he had made one and shortly thereafter came out as “born again”. Not sure if it took…hope so for his sake, although I don’t like his music.

  2. With Joel Osteen Franklin Graham and Kanye West leading protestant Christians, its not a stretch to suggest the end is near. There are many “converts” to Christianity, unfortunately the only reason they “converted” is to destroy Christianity from within. Most churches are filled with witches and satanists like the aforementioned names

    • I was raised in the Baptist church in the 60’s. I always had a negative vibe and have reached the same conclusion you have. The actual worshippers are kind of asleep to what’s really happening. My church is in my heart, after several failed attempts to worship in the conventiional fashion.

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