Report Shows Joe Biden Avoided Vietnam Draft Because of ‘Asthma’

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Joe Biden avoided Vietnam draft because of his alleged asthma

Democratic 2020 hopeful Joe Biden managed to successfully avoid being drafted in the Vietnam war because of an alleged “asthma” condition.

According to an InsideSources report, after Biden graduated college in 1968, he became eligible for the draft, which would have landed him combat in Vietnam. reports: What saved him, what earned him a 1-Y draft deferment, was asthma…

Asthma, y’all.


Don’t get me wrong, asthma can be debilitating. Chronic asthma is the worst; it can disable a person. If Biden legitimately suffered a serious asthma problem, his draft deferment is perfectly legitimate.

Here’s the problem, though…

While Biden was scoring a deferment for “asthma as a teenager,” he was — get this — also scoring touchdowns as a teenager.

Biden played football in high school and once went so far as to lie about playing footballfor the University of Delaware — even though he didn’t, but Biden is the kind of liar who lies about such things.

What’s more, InsideSources points out that in his autobiography, Biden makes no mention of asthma, but brags about being “active in intramural sports” while in college, and “recounts an active childhood [and] football exploits in high school.”

Worse still, during one summer home from college, as Biden himself has admitted, he worked as a lifeguard, which requires vigorous health in order to pass that test, including a very healthy set of lungs.

And then there’s this:

One incident from that summer stands out: How Biden had to wrap a six-foot length of metal chain around his arm to face off against a knife-wielding local tough who went by the name “Corn Pop.”

“You might cut me, Corn Pop, but I’m going to wrap this chain around your head before you do,” Biden told him. Strong words, but he was a healthy, high school football player who could back them up. Biden and Corn Pop resolved their differences without violence and, according to Biden, became poolside friends.

Just six years later, at the height of the fighting in Vietnam, that same poolside athlete avoided mandatory military service due to “asthma as a teenager.”

…”asthma as a teenager.”

Yep, healthy enough to play football and qualify as a lifeguard, which is no easy task, but still 1-Y when swimming is one of the most strenuous exercises around.

Trump haters can laugh all they want at Trump’s “bone spurs,” the reason behind his 1-Y classification, but snickers and cheap shots don’t contradict a bone spur diagnosis. It’s not like Trump was out running marathons at the time.

But there was Slow Joe playing football in high school, playing even more sports in college, and qualifying as a lifeguard, all while claiming to suffer the debilitating asthma that meant someone else would have to take his place in Vietnam.

Back in 2008, while he was running for vice president, it was reported that Biden received a total of five deferments for asthma.

Naturally, the same media that crucified then-Vice President Dick Cheney for his five deferments didn’t care about Biden’s deferments. And we all know why: The media were desperate to make Obama president.

After all, why would a media that didn’t care about Obama’s 20 years in a racist church, his associations with domestic terrorists and Louis Farrakhan, care about Biden’s asthma?

This time will be different. Biden is running for president, the establishment media see a whole bunch of extreme left-wingers they would like to see beat Biden, and since the dark days of 2008 when the fake news media still held all the levers of information, a whole new media infrastructure has been erected.

In other words, we have not heard the last of this, not by a long shot.

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