John Cleese Compares Journalists To Murderers

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John Cleese
John Cleese

John Cleese one of The original monty pythons, compared journalists to murderers at a meeting.

He cited a long list of high profile figures who have publicly put their names to calls for press reform, following Lord Leveson’s inquiry into the phone-hacking scandal.

The famous Monty Python accused newspaper editors as Liars who were control freaks who wanted control to remain fully within the industry so that they could be free to do what they “damn well like”.

Cleese’s comments came at the Hacked Off group’s event in Parliament.
“Of course they want to regulate themselves, we’d all like to regulate ourselves wouldn’t we?” he told the rally. “Builders, accountants, murderers, they’d all like to regulate themselves”.

He added: “The murderers would make a very good case – they’d say we murdered a lot of people, we know people who have murdered people. We really are best qualified to regulate …”.


Monty Python_Flying Circus
Monty Python_Flying Circus

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