Video: Roman Catholic Priest Exposes Illuminati Pope

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The Archdiocese of Kingston Ontario, Canada has a Roman Catholic priest that has made a video that many believe proves that Pope Francis was raised and is fully controlled by the Illuminati.  This is just one of many shocking allegations made in the video.

From B4IN:
This priest has proof that the illuminati are the ones – not Pope Francis, who are writing his speeches. And they are the ones who choose the important dates, every time, Francis makes headline news.


The Archbishop of Kingston Ontario, “O’Brien”, can be seen below, in this official photo. It looks like O’Brien is already heating up a little bit, and is getting ready to blow his pointy little top – like a space ship taking off from Cape Canaveral. He now has some difficult choices to make. Will Kingston be the first Archdiocese to break away from Rome, now that this damaging evidence has been made public?


Probably not. Since the Second Vatican Council, the illuminati – a branch of the freemasons, have been gradually infiltrating the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution. The illuminati’s ongoing occult human sacrifices – sacrifices that take place secretly within the walls of the Roman Institution – especially Vatican City, have provided them with enough satanic power, to win over the allegiance of almost any individual. Little by little, they have been winning over the allegiances of significant players within the Roman Hierarchy.


And now, finally, revelations of the illuminati controlling even the highest representative of that Roman Institution, have serious implications. There are serious culpability implications, that should now resonate within each and every member. What is O’Brien’s role, in tolerating the illuminati agenda within the Archdiocese of Kingston? Has O’Brien’s neglect, of the illuminati infiltration within that Archdiocese, forced this priest to go public? Will more hard evidence continue to be revealed? If O’Brien loves the Truth, then he is going to love, this video. Here is the video that exposes the one the people call Pope Francis, for who and what he Truly is. The evidence presented, is simply irrefutable.

This above video is Part Two. See Part One here. Both videos have closed captions, and the content can easily be understood, in more than 50 languages, by simply clicking on the CC button that appears at the bottom of the YouTube video screen.

Be sure to watch this EPIC showdown, that will take you back 2,000 years to the time when the Pharisees took on Jesus Christ the Most High True God HIMSELF!

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