CIA Sets Up NYPD Office In Israel

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As much as the New York Police Department was lauded in the post 9/11 days is almost as much as it’s been despised in recent times.

This due to unwarranted murders of innocent civilians at point blank range, accusations of working way above the law, and many other crimes the police themselves have been committing.

Intelli Hub goes on in an article titled “NYPD opens counterterrorism unit in Israel” [1] to explain:

“The best police department in the world”, reads a sign hung at the new NYPD office. However, it looks as if New York taxpayers may be footing the bill.

While some wonder the limitations and legalities the new office may have in an overseas jurisdiction, NYPD units operating overseas are nothing new. In fact NYPD operatives are already “stationed” in London, Toronto, Tel Aviv, and Hamberg, according to reports. Believe it or not the NYPD is also operating in Washington.

AlterNet reports that “the trigger-happy NYPD is jet setting all over the world, exporting its particularly oppressive strategy of law and order.”

The new office is headed up by a single officer for now, Charlie Ben-Naim, in a structure located in the Sharon District police headquarters.

Moreover the new department comes with help from the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) in what some would say is “a partnership that has blurred the line between foreign and domestic spying.”, as reported by the Associated Press. To boot the C.I.A. has even trained at least one NYPD officer in Virginia at “the Farm” before returning him to active duty inside the U.S..

While the NYPD claims to be protecting U.S. citizens from another 9/11 style attack, the department may be infringing on Constitutional rights.

The new unit will operate in tandem with Israeli police.


[1] NYPD opens counterterrorism unit in Israel

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