Desperate James Comey: Trump Indictment “Still a Possibility”

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James Comey thinks Trump could still be indicted after his presidency ends

Fired FBI Director James Comey still believes that Trump could be indicted after his presidency.

The desperate former FBI leader said Thursday evening in a CNN town-hall-style appearance that President Trump is a “chronic liar” and said that Trump likely committed crimes that he could be punished for after his term ends. reports: Anderson Cooper threw leaker Comey a softball and asked him, “Do you think he [Trump] should be charged when he is out of office – based on what Mueller has shown?”

Comey said the Justice Department should take a serious look at that.

Anderson Cooper pressed Comey and asked him if there is evidence there to prosecute Trump post presidency.

“Sure looks like it’s there with respect to at least a couple of those episodes of obstruction,” Comey said referring to Mueller’s garbage report.

Comey also lied and said the Russians wanted to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election because Vladimir Putin hated Hillary Clinton.

This guy was the head of the US’s premiere law enforcement agency — let that sink in.

President Trump must take off the gloves and fight back against the coup plotters — they want him and his family jailed.

Earlier this week, President Trump called the Russia witch hunt, which Comey played a big role in, a “treasonous hoax.”


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