Clown World: NBC Blurs “OK” Hand Sign to Avoid Causing Offense

Fact checked
NBC blurs 'Ok' hand gesture in case it causes offense to viewers

NBC News producers blurred out an image of a Chicago Cubs fan doing the “OK” hand gesture, claiming the sign might offend viewers.

On Tuesday, during Chicago’s 5-2 win over the Miami Marlins while former Cubs player Doug Glanville was doing an interview with NBC News, a fan is seen in the background throwing up the OK sign behind Glanville’s back.

Summit reports: The Chicago Cubs tracked down the fan and banned him indefinitely from Wrigley Field, asserting that the hand sign was “more likely than not” racist in nature.

Cubs president Theo Epstein described the incident as “truly disgusting” and said the fan would “never be welcome back to Wrigley Field”.

As if the story couldn’t get any more absurd, in the image used in NBC News’ report about it (shown above), the fan’s entire hand is blurred out.

The original image can be viewed below.

In what kind of clown world do we need to be protected from seeing an ‘OK’ hand sign?

Of course, the very notion that the ‘OK’ hand gesture is a secret white supremacist code was a troll started by 4chan which the media completely fell for.

They never corrected themselves and instead doubled down to feed into the hysteria that there are neo-nazis lurking around every corner.

As anyone with a scintilla of common sense knows, the OK hand sign is a cultural meme that is currently popular across western society, mainly amongst teenagers who are completely apolitical. It has nothing to do with ‘white supremacy’.

The fact that NBC News thinks Americans are so emotionally brittle that they cannot handle seeing it is a pathetic commentary on the hysterical state of our culture.


  1. OK is Racist but Nigga on every Rap song isn’t… Go F**k yourselves Media.. Then Die from your own STD’s

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