British Doctor: Zero Evidence Of Nerve Agent Attack In Salisbury

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Doctors who treated members of the public in the aftermath of the nerve agent attack in Salisbury claim that none of the patients showed symptoms of nerve agent poisoning. 

A British doctor who treated members of the public in the aftermath of the nerve agent attack in Salisbury claims that none of the patients showed symptoms of nerve agent poisoning. 

Since the March 4th discovery of Russian traitor Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia foaming at the mouth and twitching on a bench in the English city of Salisbury, Britain has been gripped by mounting and alarmist hysteria pointing the finger at Russia and Vladimir Putin.

In highly charged scenes in Parliament on March 15th, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was effectively denounced as a traitor himself, for daring to suggest that Britain complies with its international treaty obligations by submitting its evidence for independent verification before starting retaliations, economic, cyber, or otherwise, against the Russian State.

However, despite Theresa May’s stringent tone, the British Government has now climbed down to a far less antagonistic position. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson confirmed on the Andrew Marr show on March 18th that OPCW inspectors WOULD be entering the country the next morning.

The OPCW has now started its investigation and has 10 days to make its determination and report. As part of this process, Russia will now be given full details of the evidence held.

WHY has this happened? Why the change?

My sources tell me that the sudden change in tone is due to political pressure from the Trump administration. The American President does not trust British Intelligence after they were caught helping former President Barack Obama wiretap his 2016 campaign. Sergei Skripal himself helped with the production of “Ex” MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s discredited “Russia Dossier” – and so Trump smells a rat.

France also appears to be nervous at the recklessness of the British tone and has insisted on UK compliance with its treaty obligations. As Europe’s only other nuclear armed power, if a war did break out between Britain and Russia, and the EU jumped to Britain’s side, France would be certain of obliteration.

Beyond the politics, the actual story on the ground in Salisbury is also fast unravelling.

The UK government had claimed that dozens of people had to be treated in hospital, with 500+ needing to clean all clothes and possessions if they had been in Salisbury town centre on Sunday 4th.

But consultant Stephen Davies has now come forward to say that of all the people sent to hospital, NONE required any medical treatment what-so-ever. There was simply nothing wrong with them! They were ordered to go, so they went, but there was zero medical attention need.

Poisoned policeman, Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, claimed he gave first aid treatment to the stricken Skripal’s on the bench. This story immediately garnered national sympathy as people considered the image of a policeman rushing to do what he could to help people in trouble, unwittingly being poisoned doing his duty. That is an emotive image that resonates very strongly with people, and reinforced the narrative a serious incident had occurred.

However, once attention was elsewhere this was quietly corrected to now state DS Bailey was poisoned investigating the Skripal’s house.

An actual first responder account was printed in the local Salisbury paper. The Skripal’s were not treated for nerve agent, they were treated for drug overdose, and none of the medics who worked on them had any ill health as a result, at all.

If Salisbury was really so contaminated, why was the Prime Minister herself walking around the very area the Skripal’s were found, wearing her kitten heels, smiling and fist-bumping members of the public? Theresa May was acting, before the commons debate that afternoon, very much like there was some sort of victory…

But the very next morning, for the eyes of the international press, it was back to gas masks in the same area:

Is this really credible?

There is no evidence to contradict the claims that Sergei & Yulia Skripal, and DS Nick Bailey, have been poisoned, maybe with Novichok, although plenty of other poisons could cause the same symptoms. Your News Wire continues to consider them innocent victims, unless hard evidence says otherwise.

But on the other hand, neither is there anything to corroborate the claims, other than the same scant sentences the mainstream media keeps repeating ad nauseam. There is certainly no press coverage from their hospital beds, quite unlike the Litvinenko case 10 years ago.

For the next 10 days, until the OPCW reports on its findings, the UK government will have to cool its heels. Allies are not going to support any further action until then, and measures have stopped at 23 diplomats expelled each by the UK and Russia. Wild talk of asset confiscation, even retaliatory cyber attacks, has been dropped for now. The Russian government remains quite clear that it considers none of the claims credible just on the UK’s say so, and openly charges the UK with a put-on job to damage Russia’s reputation:

There are many questions as to the full range of possible suspects, from Russia, to the UK itself, the EU, the Clinton Cabal silencing Skripal for his work on the dodgy dossier. Indeed, there remains the outside chance that Skripal did this himself!

The findings of the OPCW will be internationally definitive. But the lack of any additional casualties in Salisbury, indeed, an allegedly toxic nerve agent that hasn’t managed to kill anybody, all suggests that the OPCW’s findings are going to be a lot more subdued than the claims the UK government has made.

If that’s the case, Prime Minister Theresa May is going to have to make an embarrassing climb down and this incident will be forgotten as quickly as possible.

However, if the OPCW find no evidence at all of the presence of “Novichok”, then Theresa May will be out, and the government itself could very likely fall.

The British people will never tolerate being lied to about weapons of mass destruction ever again. Tony Blair, and the lies that led to the Iraq war, broke the spell of blind loyalty to the government’s war drum.

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