Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Nominated For NCAA’s Woman Of The Year Award

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Trans swimmer Lia Thomas

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has been nominated by the University of Pennsylvania for the NCAA’s 2022 “Woman of the Year” award.

Thomas, a biological male, was one of the 577 athletes nominated for the award which is meant to recognize female student-athletes.

“Each year, NCAA member schools are encouraged to celebrate their top graduating female student-athletes by nominating them for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award,” the organization wrote in its press release.

Only last month he world swimming’s governing body, FINA, effectively banned trans women, including Thomas, from competing in women’s events.

Meanwhile many have taken to social media to air their outrage at UPenns decision.

The Gateway Pundit reports: Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has criticized the University of Pennsylvania for nominating Lia Thomas, saying that it is a “direct attack on women.”

In May, Lia Thomas appeared on Good Morning America and said he should be allowed to compete with biological women in sports, saying he does not need “anyone’s permission.”

During the interview, Thomas stated that he is “no medical expert.” However, he said that some biological females have more testosterone, bigger hands and feet, and are taller than their competitors.

Thomas stated that he should not be banned from the competition with some women who are also bigger than others.

“I don’t need anybody’s permission to be myself,” Thomas said.

Earlier this year, Thomas’ teammates revealed that they feel uncomfortable. They said the trans swimmer doesn’t cover up [her] penis while in the locker room with girls.

‘It’s definitely awkward because Lia still has male body parts and is still attracted to women,’ one of Lia Thomas’ teammates told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview.

It’s a disgrace that the NCAA and Penn have allowed this to happen. Women’s rights are definitely being violated.


  1. this is what the women should do. you know what would rid this f@g out of the swiim meets for good, would be to the real women swimmers just make a public spectacle out of this f@g.
    when the start gun goes off, all the women should just remain on the platform while he jumps in and swims his little heart out, and all the women cheer him on while still remaining on the start pedestals, and when the race is over they should all gather around him and mockingly cheer him and throw confetti on him, and keep doing that on every swim meet he is part of.

    • Lol. Perfect. Just perfect. I’d love to see this idea spread far and wide.

      I don’t know about others but I’m not going to allow my kids, or my money, to go to UPenn. This is not education. This is a propaganda based cult.

  2. A feminine boy is still a boy. Feeling like a girl, which no one knows what a girl feels like anyway, and the government’s admitting they don’t know what a woman is even, doesn’t mean your a girl You are born the way you are.

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