Brand Blasts Sun, Accuses Them Of “Hacking Into Dead Children’s Phones”

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In the latest development with Russell Brand’s row with The Sun – he is angered that they have recently conducted a poll “proving” Brand a hypocrite.

In an article titled “Russell Brand attacks The Sun over ‘hypocrite’ poll: ‘Where d’ya get this stat? Liverpool? Hacking into dead children’s phones?‘” [1], The Independent says:

The Russell Brand versus The Sun saga reached all new levels of lunacy today, after the tabloid once more splashed the word ‘hypocrite’ across its front page, this time next a picture of the comedian’s face and statistics from a YouGov poll.

A survey conducted with 574 members of the adult public on 4 December, it claimed, “proved” that “68% say he’s a hypocrite” and “64% say he’s not funny”.


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The article went on to reference The Sun’s lead story on Brand earlier this week, which alleged he had been paying a substantial sum of rent for a luxury loft apartment in Hoxton to a company, who it claimed avoided tax by being based in the British Virgin Islands.

Brand, the article goes on to allege, has been “repeatedly” vocal about the importance of the government cracking down on tax-avoiding firms in the past.

It cites an extract from his new book Revolution, which reads: “If they don’t pay tax, we’ll reclaim their assets and give them to the people that work there.”

Brand countered the claims in an episode of his YouTube series The Trews this week, in which is said he was unaware of the tax affairs of his landlord, because he pays his rent to an estate agent, not to the company in question directly.

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He also criticised The Sun owner Rupert Murdoch over his tax dealings.

The new piece also went on to cite a number of things the publication believes evidences their claim that Brand is a “hypocrite” – and the apparent “findings” of the survey.

Things like “Brand recently railed against Page 3 ̶ despite once writing for The Sun and accepting a Shagger of the Year award from us”, for example.

It also included a quote from Economics Professor Lawrence Saez, of London’s SOAS University, who randomly gave the following opinion on Brand: “B-list UK celebrity, A-list world-class hypocrite.”

Naturally, the social campaigner was less than impressed with The Sun’s latest headline, and tweeted: “where d’ya get this stat? Liverpool? Hacking into dead children’s phones?”

The Sun are yet to respond to request for comment on Brand’s assertions.

He had threatened to take legal action against tabloid earlier this week.





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