Russel Brand Being Blasted For Twitter No-No

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Russel Brand was put into yet another controversy this week as he tweeted the personal information of an executive at The Daily Mail after also tweeting about the tax allegation being made against the media company.

According to an article in The Independent UK called “Russell Brand faces Twitter backlash after tweeting Daily Mail reporter’s contact details” [1] by journalist KASHMIRA GANDER writes:

Comedian Russell Brand felt the wrath of Twitter this afternoon after he tweeted an image of a Daily Mail reporter’s business card featuring his mobile number.

Brand, who in the past year has become a vocal activist, posted a tweet on Monday afternoon making allegations about the tax affairs of the company and the newspaper’s owner, Lord Rothermere.

“One of their senior reporters wants to talk about it,” the comedian wrote. The tweet was accompanied by an image showing the business card of senior reporter Neil Sears, with “Please call” written above his name with an arrow pointing to his work landline number, his mobile phone number and his work email address.


But some Twitter users, including former Mirror editor Piers Morgan, complained that targeting the journalist was unfair, and threatened to report Brand to Twitter.

Writer Dan Waterfield wrote: “This is not a pleasant thing to do”.

Margo Milne wrote: “So you share his contact details? Low.”

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Minutes later, Brand deleted the tweet and explained that the reporter had asked him to call him, but did not apologise for posting his details.






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