Video: 10 Incredible Facts About Amazon

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You know is always there to fill your shopping, listening, and watching needs, day or night, rain or shine.
Well, here are 10 things you may not know about the mega, mega-retailer.

Number 10. The arrow in their logo isn’t random. Look closely, and you’ll notice it extends from A to Z, as in they have everything from…well, you get the picture. It also mimics the smile customers no doubt have during their shopping experience.

Number 9. Amazon started in a garage on purpose. Wanting to have the same modest start-up story as some of the Silicon Valley tech giants, Jeff Bezos made sure his new Seattle home had one.

Number 8. They have a lot of storage space. About 700 Madison Square Gardens worth, once all of their warehouse square footage is combined.

Number 7. Amazon sells a lot of weird stuff. When a company sells just about everything, that sort of thing is bound to happen. How weird? Name it — UFO detectors, wolf urine, whole rabbits, and a duck carcass press are just a sampling.

Number 6. It was originally called Cadabra. The name was meant to simply be a shortened verions of abracadabra, indicating that what the company does is magical. Unfortunately, somebody misheard that as ‘cadaver’, which suddenly made the name seem less appealing.

Number 5. Amazon is building a 40 million dollar clock. It’s being constructed in a west Texas mountain and, if everything goes as planned, will tick for 10 thousand years.

Number 4. Amazon named a building after its first customer. That’s how legend has it, anyway. A matter of record is that in 1995 John Wainwright ordered a copy of ‘Fluid Concepts And Creative Analogies: Computer Models Of The Fundamental Mechanisms Of Thought’ and became the site’s first non-employee patron. Now, there’s a building on campus named the Wainwright building. Coincidence? You decide.

Number 3. Founder Jeff Bezos’ salary is just over 80 thousand dollars a year. That makes him among the lowest paid tech CEOs around. His net worth, however, is close to $30 billion.

Number 2. People admire Amazon. In fact, it’s ranked as number 2 on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list.

Number 1. You can buy expensive art on Amazon. Really expensive. One of the most valuable sold was Norman Rockwell’s “Willie Gillis: Package from Home”. It was priced at $4.85 million.

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