Miss Brazil Dies Suddenly Aged 27 From Massive Heart Attack – Doctors Baffled

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A former Miss Brazil has died aged 27 from a massive heart attack after a routine tonsil operation and doctors are baffled.

Beauty queen Gleycy Correia, who was crowned Miss Brazil in 2018, died in a private clinic on Monday, becoming the latest healthy, young celebrity to die suddenly and unexpectedly.

More than 79% of people in Brazil have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.  

The reports of young celebrities and athletes who have suddenly collapsed have increased noticeably in the past year. Heart problems such as heart inflammation are often the cause.

DailyMail report: Correia, from Macae, southeast Brazil, suffered heavy bleeding and a heart attack after her tonsillectomy operation, which involves the surgical removal of the tonsils. She was left in a coma for two months following the cardiac arrest in April.

Family priest Lidiane Alves Oliviera said: ‘She had surgery to remove her tonsils and after five days at home, she had a hemorrhage.

She went to Unimed and had a cardiac arrest on 4th April and since then she was in a coma, with no neurological activity. Today she passed away.

Gleycy Correia was known for her healthy and clean living lifestyle

Her body was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute of Macae for an autopsy.

Pastor Jak Abreu, who knows Correia’s family, wrote on social media that her relatives believe that there was medical malpractice during the operation.

He added: ‘God chose this day to collect our princess. We know that she will be greatly missed, but she will now be brightening the sky with her smile..’

Correia will be buried at 11.30am local time on Tuesday.

Pastor Abreu added: ‘To everyone who prayed, thank you very much. May the Lord reward every prayer of love and all these days together.

‘She fulfilled her purpose and left her legacy of love in us. We ask for your prayers for the family and friends that the Holy Spirit may bring comfort in this difficult time.’

Correia was crowned Miss United Continents Brazil in 2018.

Gleycy Correia was from a humble family, starting work as a manicurist when she was 8 years old

She was also an entrepreneur who specialised in laser therapy and permanent makeup, where clients are given cosmetic tattoos to create the look of makeup.

Paying tribute to Correia, the Official Miss Brazil said: ‘Gleycy will always be remembered for her enlightened beauty, joy and empathy shown in her work.’ 

Correia amassed 52,000 followers on Instagram and after she fell into a coma, her account was taken over by relatives who posted prayers on her page.  

She spoke about her upbringing on social media, after she was raised in poverty in Brazil. Correia said she started work when she was just eight, working as a manicurist at a beauty salon. 

‘We will never know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice,’ she wrote on Instagram.

‘I really wasn’t born in a golden cradle, I’m from a very humble family, but I’m so proud of it, really proud.’

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  1. I believe her family are right and there was medical malpractice. A healthy girl should not have needed a tonsillectomy for a start. She shouldn’t have accepted that diagnosis.

    • Duh. Who are you Rip Van Winkle? Go to where it started and has been an assault on all humanity ever since. Go back to Pharoah and his Pyramids of class power using slavery to build tombs for himself to await resurrection.

      • I suspect that you are crazy. They shouldn’t allow anonymous posters on this site – I think I’ll unfollow it.

      • DUH? Mine was a small attempt at levity which apparently escaped you. A beautiful young woman died.. It’s a guy-thing. Peace out.

  2. Wrong GENO`s so genicide based on DNA testing!. HEMORRHAGE means drowning in her own blood lungs full of blood WTF? ICU? where was the FN doctors

      • For the tonsillectomy they didn’t need to do. Your ignorant and superstitious and naive and uneducated and just run with the dogs and hunt with the hounds type of low life creeping mob member.

  3. Wishing them all a peaceful and safe journey. Glad she didn’t forget where she came from and appeared grateful for how far she went, may it serve as an example for others

    • Why would she forget? But usually humble peasants throughout history have never ever trusted dictors before until after the 1960s and all the TV propagandas the mefical industry sponsored All the oh I want yo marry a doctor or lawyer when I grow up brainwashing and the good doctors and the crime solving detective lawyers and all that.

      • Sometimes when one comes from humble beginning they seem to forget when they make it big. I disagree the poor and hungry usually trust doctors thinking that they are willing to do their best for the patient

  4. To the “baffled” doctors: Its the CLOT SHOT stupid! We all know it, we knew it and tried to tell people before they killed themselves… Oh well, stupid is as stupid does!

  5. I had my tonsils out when I was in my early 20s after chronic sore/swollen throats since I was 12. It didn’t help – the miserly continued. It stopped when I was 55 after I discovered high dose vitamin D3. I take 10,000 IUs a day with vitamin k2. As a bonus I no longer get the flu or colds. Google it or search YouTube. It’s a crime that governments aren’t telling their people. Follow the money.

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