Fully Jabbed NBA Player Caleb Swanigan Suddenly Drops Dead at 25 – Doctors Baffled

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Former NBA player Caleb Swanigan drops dead after vaccine

Another young, healthy and fully jabbed athlete has suddenly dropped dead, leaving doctors and medical experts baffled.

Former NBA player and Purdue Boilermakers standout Caleb Swanigan died on Monday night. He was 25.

Thelibertydaily.com reports: Whether it’s “cause of death is unknown” or “died of natural causes,” the accumulation of surprising deaths of young people, particularly athletes, has Covid-19 vaccine skeptics very concerned. We should be, considering this continues to happen over and over again without official explanation.

The best they’ve come up with so far is “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” which many in the anti-vaxx world believe is just a way to lump all of the vaccine-induced deaths together without acknowledging what they are. This has become far too common, yet the nobody in corporate media is asking the question and only a handful in alternative media dare say “adverse reaction” for fear of being canceled by Google or Facebook.

We have to speak the truth even if it gets us labeled. Since so few in alternative media are willing to say what they’re thinking, we will. Unless Caleb Swanigan’s death can be explained, we’re chalking it up as another Covid jab death. It’s the only logical explanation considering what has been happening the last year-and-a-half.


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