Singer Demi Lovato Comes Out As ‘Non-Binary’

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Demi Lovato

American Singer Demi Lovato has come out as “non-binary,” and is now using “they/them” pronouns instead of “she/her”.

‘They’ said they came to understand ‘their’ gender identity after spending time doing “healing and self-reflective work” over the past year.

Lovato’s announcement, which just happened ti coincided with the launch of a new podcast, was met with both applause and mockery online.

RT reports: Lovato, a long-time advocate for feminist and LGBT causes, released the first episode of the new podcast series ‘4D’ on Wednesday, and accompanied the release with a personal announcement.

“Today is a day I’m so happy to share more of my life with you all,” the former Disney star tweeted. “I am proud to let you know that I identify as non-binary and will officially be changing my pronouns to they/them moving forward.”

Lovato said that the decision came “after a lot of healing and self-reflective work,” telling followers that “sharing this with you now opens another level of vulnerability for me.”

The announcement was met with skepticism by online curmudgeons. Without directly naming Lovato, British presenter Piers Morgan accused the singer of being an “annoying attention-seeking celebrity,” while American journalist Michael Tracey remarked on how Lovato’s announcement “just happened to coincide with the launch of a podcast chronicling Demi’s ‘healing journey.’”

Transgender and gay rights groups did cheer Lovato’s announcement, however. “Congrats to Demi Lovato for coming out as non-binary!” Xtra, an LGBT magazine, tweeted. “Their continued bravery and vulnerability in the public eye is undoubtedly helpful to so many young folks.”

Prior to this, Lovato’s time in the public eye has been a tumultuous one. A child actress, Lovato struggled for many years with mental health issues, and has spoken openly about drug and alcohol addictions. In 2018, a month after releasing a single entitled ‘Sober’, in which the star revealed a relapse, Lovato was rushed to hospital in Los Angeles following a near-fatal opioid overdose.

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