Norway’s North Sea Oil Rigs Increase Security After Being Buzzed By Mysterious Drones

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Norway oil rigs

Norway, which has displaced Russia as Europe’s top natural gas supplier, has increased security on its gas and oil sites in the North Sea after being buzzed by mysterious drones.

The country’s Petroleum Safety Authority warned that the mysterious drones, which came within 50m of the off shore platforms, could unleash “deliberate attacks” on critical energy infrastructure or casue havoc by smashing into helicopters transporting offshore workers to and from the rigs.

The Mail Online reports: Norway is now Europe’s biggest gas supplier after the Kremlin turned off its taps, wreaking energy havoc across the continent. 

Norway’s energy minister Terje Aasland said: ‘The government has decided to put measures in place to increase security at infrastructure sites, land terminals and platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf.’ 

They have not identified a specific threat nor asked for assistance from NATO, but the country’s largest oil and gas firm Equinor recently said it had notified authorities of sightings of drones of unknown origin flying near some of its platforms.

‘We would urge increased vigilance, a review of emergency preparedness measures and incident response, and information sharing,’ Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority said in a letter to operators. 

Drones have been spotted at least six Equinor sites, with one just 50m away from its Heidrun platform, breaking the 500m security perimeter. 

The Scandinavian country has a vast network of pipelines linking it to the continent, which experts have said are at risk of sabotage. 

Denmark, whose territorial waters skirt the area where the blasts took place, has also moved to secure its own platforms. 

The announcement came after three unexplained gas leaks, preceded by two explosions, occurred on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines on Monday.

The CIA warned weeks ago that the pipes could be attacked ahead of the blasts which opened three huge fissures.

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