Another Democrat Rats On Obama: We’ve Been Spying On Trump Since 2015

Fact checked
Another top Democrat admits that Obama began spying on Trump as early as 2015

Another top Democrat has joined a long list of Obama insiders who have outed their former boss for illegally spying on Donald Trump.

Mary Anna Marsh, principal of the Dewey Square Group, a Democrat PR firm, revealed to Fox News that the Obama administration had been snooping on Trump as early as the spring of 2015.

This was the same time that Trump announced his candidacy for president:

Mary Ann Marsh: Fact, the investigation of Trump, his associates and their relationship with Russia started in the spring of 2015. That is a fact. That is widely known.

She joins the likes Evelyn Farkas, another Obama admin insider, who admitted to MSNBC that she helped Barack Obama spy on Trump before he left office. reports:

America was shocked to hear that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign since July of 2016. Particularly because Obama and his administration didn’t speak about the issue until very late in the election.

Now the democrats are offering new information that Trump has been under investigation for suspect Russian ties since SPRING of 2015! That’s amazingly odd considering that Trump announced his candidacy in June of 2015.

The democrats are throwing everything against the wall and hoping that it sticks. This Russian collusion conspiracy gets more confusing and convoluted everyday. There is NO evidence.

Of Marsh’s statements are true then it actually calls into question the testimony of James Comey to the House Intel Committee. Was he lying? Did he have no knowledge of a prior investigation? Why?


  1. SO It looks like Obozo/Killinton was spying on Trump for 18 months BEFORE he became President….were they trying to find dirt on him to defeat him as president….looks like they failed ….Can someone say jail time for surveillance with out going through proper channels?

  2. Why was Obama and his cohorts looking at Trumps ties to Russia? Or are they saying, “we were spying on Trump”. And after the wikileaks documents came out and Trump said “hey Russia if you have any emails from Hilary’s server could you release them”? Wasn’t it common knowledge that Foreign entities including Russia had hacked into Hilary’s home brew server? So is the story that Obama was spying on Trump before the campaign and after the wikileaks release it became Obama was spying on Trump to find Russian connections to Trump?

    • All gov’ts spy, surveil, read the newspapers to see, find out what the other people are going to do. What do we pay the cia nsa and a bunch of our guys to do to everyone else.

        • NO WE DON’T. the other sides pay their people to spy on us and everyone else. some pay their folks to spy on their own folks as well. sort of like the Obama regime. Rice, Fracas, Hill and Barry are violating / breaking our laws at such a vicious scale that no one may ever be able to catch them. placing them in Supermax would be a starter, however, locking Barry up will get us a ‘race war’. my thoughts are that blacks have been set back over 50 years. trust will be really hard to come by. Felony convictions. I also suggest that this be done in a military court rather than our overwhelmed Civil court systems

    • It seems Obama started spying, intercepting Trump and others phone calls before wikileaks emails. Probably when Obama learned of Trump running for President or possible before. If you look on US Govt website data on wiretapping/intercepts of Obama administration wiretap/intercepts skyrocketed, from 2009-2015 compared to Bush’s.

  3. If solid facts of criminal activity by the Obama Administration, the DNC or Hillary Clinton Campaign is found, these people need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If true, this has been an attack by leftists on the heart and soul of constitutional law and governance.

      • Guilty as charged? What charges? These people will walk the rest of their days assured they will sleep soundly at night in the comfort of their own beds. No high ranking official will ever see a jail cell much less actual charges brought against them. If anyone is to even see so much as charges, they will be low figures in the totem pole and will probably low level charges brought against them.

        • Unfortunately, odb is probably correct. So much has gone down and nobody ever gets in trouble…Except for the occasional sacrificial lamb. Benghazi, IRS, destruction of hard drives and phones, etc. “I’ll take the 5th…”. And ride off to a great and prosperous sunset.

      • Where there is smoke there’s fire. In this case where there is a camp fire, there’s a forest fire.

  4. So where’s the warrant for spying on Trump and his associates? And the big question is why the reason for a serveillance warrant in the first place?

  5. 0bama spent his formative years in Indonesia, a third-world Islamic shithole. I am not surprised he was doing this.

  6. Two years of spying and they cannot find any dirt. The Dems are either incompetent or maybe Trump is innocent and the entire Democratic party are corrupt.

    • Wow. Doesn’t that sound like 11 investigative committees on The Benghazi Affair that revealed absolutely nothing. Conservatives are truly uninformed. Anybody that knows of any sort of presidential wrong doing is a party to the crime. How many of them do you think are going to say anything, if it were true. This is more stupidity spewed by some half brained conservative blog to get the focus off of the Russian fiasco that Trump is facing.

      • Drink that kool aide. You wanna see brainless- look in a mirror. After the CIA, FBI, NSA all said no evidence, you snowflakes just can’t let Russia go because you got nothing else. No, that’s not brainless, that’s brain dead. BTW, if you had not thrown Trump’s name in there, I would think you wee talking about the Liar-in-Chief and the Hildabeast. And you missed all the stories about Obama and Hillary running guns through Benghazi to ISIS? It was in the NYT rag, so you don’t read either? Hahahaha

      • The Benghazi investigators where never granted access to the Pentagon records. Specifically, the communications logs of the National Military Command Center. Those logs identifies all message traffic from and to the NMCC.

        It will dispel the narrative that we did not have the ability to respond.

      • Benghazi? They over run a US embassy and kill Americans? Libya should have been leveled within the week. No investigations, no lying to us (Rice=video caused it). Barry and Hillary didn’t want their pocketbooks affected so they handled it like they did…by doing nothing. Should have been leveled along with a message that any other Country that did OR allowed this would share the same fate..period. Should have been nothing to investigate, lie about or debate…BOOM. America first

        • The most amazing act of Heroism that occurred during the debacle was the group that saved our people. They where a group of Quadife supporters who had gone underground and where not known to the US. They exposed themselves to save the people who had attacked them. They placed their lives and the lives of their families on the line.

      • Really, the investigation into the Benghazi Affair revealed that Obama, Rice and Hillary lied about why the massacre happened. It was because the radical terrorists were trying to stop the sale of American guns to Syria. It proved that Rice, Obama and Hillary lied about troops being sent, because they were not. It proved that Chris Stevens requested more security a number of times over an 18 month period, Hillary ignored. It was the catalyst that brought to light that because Hillary posted classified information on her unsecured server exactly what Chris Stevens was doing and where he was staying it most likely got him killed. The other armed military and contract service people there have come forward and told their story. Get your facts straight. You were not there and if you had watched the Congressional investigation you would know that Hillary and Obama’s hand prints are all over this horrible action.

      • Sadly, you idiots really believ the propaganda crap that you have posted. More stupidity from a collective group of Conservative dingbats. If one investigation into Benghazi had proven or revealed anything of consequence, eleven of them would not have been necessary. Talk about throwing in a bunch of mindless conjecture. DAMN!!!!

    • They keep coming out of the woodwork to cover there useless a$$es. I hope they all go down… Mary Ann Marsh is totally “USELESS!”

      • The recusal of the Intel. Chairman was thought to be a victory for t Schiff and the Dems. What they did not anticipate was the appointment of Trey Gowdy as the lead investigator.

        All of the Obama White House staffers need to start scrambling to get top attorneys who specializing in cutting immunity deals.

        Trey will have an administration which is open and will release information. It will not hide, slow roll or flat out refuse to respond.

        Rice and Rhoads should be afraid very afraid.

  7. The implications of the spying on President Trump are huge. This dwarfs Watergate and a fair hearing of it will see many well known people imprisoned.

    • The problem we’re now facing is that the far left prefers fascism to democracy. No matter what their leaders do, no matter how heinous it gets, they expect the lamestream well paid off media to stand in their cornervous and make it all seem as normal and respectable as possible. As far as they are concerned, any means to their end is justified. When in our lifetime’s have we ever seen the normalization of a violent human rights violating foreign law, anti semitism, anti free speech, the push to legalize racially motivated hate crimes against Caucasians, the push for the Islamization of our secular society, and a demand for the violent overthrow of a current administration and installation of a former POTUS as dictator by a loud and violent group of morons, with the Democratic party claiming they are strongly representative of mainstream America and it’s traditional values? We are now living in the twilight zone.

  8. According to whistle-blower Edward Snowden, the NSA spies on everyone in America and around the world. So why was Trump an exception? Obama should be held accountable if Trump was spied upon during the Presidential elections.

    Since the US has 16 spies agencies how is that none could show any shred of admissible evidence that Russia was allegedly meddling with the 2016 presidential elections?

    And if the CIA can hack the computers every country in the world and leave the finger-prints of Russia or China behind, why complaint when other countries do the same?

  9. Sadly, NO evidence will ever be strong enough to result in consequences for crooked Democrats. Look at Hillary.

  10. !8 months and found nothing that would bring Trump down. More evidence that the Democrats are full of bull.

  11. Comey knew…he is a Clinton Clan Member. He was on their board of directors for the past 3 years. Stopped investigations in the past on Bill and Hillary. Part of White Water….He is crooked and can not be trusted.Mona Arroyo /react-text react-text: 243 /react-text Copied from Susan: Worth taking the time to read because this story is starting to leak out from FBI agents and others “who are in the know” inside the Washington beltway! The agents at the FBI are livid that Comey did what he did. They are claiming there was more than sufficient evidence to bring several indictments against Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t a slam dunk case, but it had more than a good probability of a conviction for Hillary Clinton. Lynch and Obama made it clear to Comey that if he pressed for an indictment, he would be taking the Democrat nominee for president out of the election. If he failed to get a conviction he would be facing charges of tampering with and changing the outcome of a federal election, to which he would be facing the rest of his life in prison, and Obama and Lynch, as well as others, would see to it that he did. Now you know why he presented his case the way he did and why it was so obvious he was reluctant to not press for an indictment. Hillary’s statement to the FBI was intentionally given without a court reporter present or without any recording of her testimony to prevent her from having any further exposure to legal charges like perjury. If she lied to Congress, they have no written FBI deposition to confront Hillary with. This was set up to let her walk without fear of being charged with giving False Testimony or being charged with Obstruction of Justice. This is what those in the “legalese world” call a “Straw Man” legal charge. (It is a charge designed to make someone appear innocent of the charges!) EXAMPLE: Bill beats up Shirley at their home. Bill is arrested for “Felony Spousal Abuse” . Bill’s lawyer gets the charges dismissed because Bill is not married to Shirley! (They are only “live in boyfriend and girlfriend”.) Bill walks out of court totally exonerated of the charges thanks to a technicality! The twist in the case is the arresting officer knew all along Bill was not married to Shirley because the officer and Bill are old fraternity brothers. The officer intentionally charged Bill with something he knew would not stick. Bill would easily have been convicted of Assault and Battery, but he was not charged with that! This is what is known as the “STRAW MAN” charge. It is how you make a guilty person appear innocent. This is exactly what was done with the Hillary Clinton case! If she had been charged with “Destruction of Government Documents”, she would have easily been convicted, because she admitted to doing this! Instead, she was charged with “Mishandling Classified Documents” which has wiggle room for reasonable doubt regarding Criminal Intent! I think citizens are finally fed up with the Clintons and the cesspool of corruption that is our current government. Real Americans are ready to take our country back. All of these years of corruption have taken a toll on American lives. Citizens opinions of a lying White House, a corrupt Congress, the “pay to play” politicians, the legalese lawyers and lobbyists, big overspending “welfare mentality” government, the “looking for a loop hole” justice system, the lying media, and our censored educational system with an agenda to dumb down the next generation, is at the lowest point ever. Hillary is on the wrong side of every issue. The British Exit from the EU (Brexit) is just a small sign that real citizens of civilized nations are ready to take their country back. They are sick of the results of open borders and globalization led by power hungry elites. Hillary Clinton has no character or integrity. She is an arrogant, condescending political elite who is only interested in lining the Clinton pockets with donations to the Clinton Foundation (wink, wink) from PACS, lobbyists, and foreign nations that buy access and favors. The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than an operation used to launder money for the Clintons and other politicians involved in illegal activities. The Clintons are able to use the information of those participating to obtain cover for their activities, or blackmail those who are laundering money through them. Just count the number of politicians who arrive in Washington with nothing, but leave as millionaires and billionaires. Did their votes serve in the best interest of their constituents or did they only benefit themselves? If the representatives of your state fall in this category, then I suggest an investigation be launched. FYI….It has come to light that Comey was (or still is) on the Board of Directors of the HSBC Bank where the Clinton Foundation has holdings. ED KLEIN who wrote the book on the Clintons – coming out next week — said Hillary was called to the office of Valerie Jarrett and Obama back in 2009 and told her she had to stop sending emails thru her personal server —OBVIOUSLY SHE DIDN’T LISTEN TO THEM. So, YES, Obama knew and Jarrett Knew and Huma knew along with how many others!!!! READ ON…..very interesting…… “FBI Director James Comey basically delivered a coded message to the American People and the world. He said…she is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt, certainly should not be president and should be brought to justice ..however our country has been infiltrated and is basically corrupt! Lynch and Obama made it clear to him…if he pressed for an indictment, he would be taking the Democrat nominee for president out of the election…If….he then failed to get a conviction…he would be facing charges of tampering with and changing the outcome of a federal election to which he would be facing the rest of his life in prison… Now you know why he presented his case the way he did and why it was so obvious he was reluctant to not press for indictment. Also….The key is in what Comey said…80 email chains…..that means an exchange between people…Hillary sending AND RECEIVING… if he charges Hillary he has to charge the others in the chain…what if the exchange is with Obama…it is not a stretch to think the Sec of State would be in email contact with POTUS (PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES)…. Let’s just say…Bill went to Loretta and said shut this down…or elsif Hillary is charged she will tell under oath that some of the emails were with the President…so he is also guilty of a felony…THAT is IMPEACHABLE…the Republicans would go for it…the Dem would yell racism and the country erupts in violence……Lynch tells Comey…you better watch it or you could be to blame for violence tearing this country part…what is he to do???…So Comey takes 20 minutes spelling out everything bad Hillary did….just like a trial in public…..then stops short to prevent any unrest……” BART LESLIE – Coincidence? The law firm Kahn worked for is also the law firm for the royal court of Saudi Arabia and the tax lawyers for the Clintons and for the Clinton Foundation and is also the firm Loretta Lynch work for. They also represent a small Tech firm in Denver Colorado which so happens to be the same Tech firm that managed Hillary’s private server…. Coincidence?

  12. Image courtesy of

    It seems that our beloved FBI Director is or until very recently was a director and board member of HSBC, which is tightly connected to the Clinton Foundation. Check out some of these links:
    “Mr. Comey’s appointment will be for an initial three-year term which, subject to re-election by shareholders, will expire at the conclusion of the 2016 Annual General Meeting.”
    “Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank”
    It’s like a revolving door of money and special projects that the bank and the CF are involved in.
    This is the same HSBC that was accused of laundering drug cartel money, was heavily involved in the LIBOR scandal, and who knows what else, and all while our esteemed FBI Director James “she didn’t intend it” Comey was part of the senior leadership.

    More research:
    “… James Comey … not his first investigation of Clinton that ended without the filing of criminal charges. It was his third investigation of Clinton, and the second in which he personally decided not to charge her with a crime.”

    ‘In 1996, Comey was appointed as a deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee that investigated, among other things, allegations of obstruction of justice by top Clinton White House officials, including Hillary.”

    “In 2002, Comey had just been appointed the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York when he again found Hillary Clinton in his crosshairs. … the Clintons had traded presidential pardons for financial contributions … Although a grand jury was empanelled and heard testimony from witnesses, Comey closed the investigation without filing any charges.”

    • Maybe that was because there was no evidence presented that warranted any charges. Conservatives are truly a half brained bunch of people. The stupidity of Conservatives is absolutely scary. You people can’t accept reality.

  13. So what she is saying. The Democrats have been breaking the law since 2015 concerning Trump.

    • Hahaha! Except she states EXPLICITLY that it is a FACT that they started surveillance on him in spring of 2015, lol!! CANNOT get more On POINT than that, dippy!

  14. Dewey Square Group isn’t actually a “Democrat PR firm”, though they did work for Clinton during the campaign. It’s a firm that builds “grass roots” coalitions and does opinion polls for anyone who will pay them. There’s at least an even chance that DSG was either paid to say this, or the DNC hasn’t paid its bills and this is DSG’s way of getting even.

  15. So now as the ship starts to sink beneath dark waters cold and deep…..the rats abandon ship as usual….. get the names and get charges who knew what

  16. So Obama was using the resources and access of US Government to spy on Trump and other opponents. This goes beyond Trump. Charge all complicit actors.

  17. wonder if they was also spying on the other republicans that was running for President too…..I bet they did

  18. This only exposes the gross, out of control corruption in Washington and it’s subsidiaries (ie; the ENTIRE intel community and the MSM). Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. NONE of this should be a surprise to anyone who can think beyond 2+2=4……….

  19. Comey opened up the *”INTENT” DEFENSE when not pursuing Hillary Clinton for misuse of her email server.. He can “Manufacture” the same defense for Susan Rice, by adding we don’t know that was her *INTENT [*Completely manufactured Defense] Knowing someone’s intent has never been used for a reason NOT to prosecute…you prosecute with FACTS and let the jury decide..

  20. politically motivated criminal activity, that was widely known (by political operatives? by intelligence agencies? by media?) – disgusting weaponization of government

  21. Anytime you start draining a swamp, there’s gonna be some stinky stuff in the air. Also, when you introduce a new order of ethics into a mess, you are going to, at first, get a bunch of confusion blowing up and off; you just have to keep on putting in order until it settles out… and it will settle.

  22. The Republican party is absolutely supported by true idiots. I read the crap that you people have posted concerning this and the stupidity scares me. Conservatives are so mentally lazy that they don’t even realize how easy it is to do some simple basic research, and find how untrue what they have to say is. Not one commenter here can produce any legitimate data to back up their accusations. Please show anything that supports these half brained stupid, claims of wrongdoing by Barack Obama.

  23. I hope Ms Marsh understands that, unless she already has an immunity deal in place, her butt could be in a very precarious position when the investigation into Barry Soetoro-Obama’s nefarious activities begins in earnest.

  24. Comey,Brennan and all the other asshats need to be removed.CIA needs reorganization .Bring in former SPEC Ops that still believe in AMERICA and the oath they took ,unlike Comey and the others…Devgru,Seal team members and SF operators are already cleared to Secret Clearances and beyond so that wont be an issue.Some have gone onto investigations on the outside and have experience to find the traitors and bring them around for prosecution .

  25. Someone has to be put in cuffs in order to show them if they break the law they go to jail, just like an ordinary citizen would. They are not special and above the law.

  26. They have to have a reason for spying illegally going all the way back to when they first began to spy on political opponents. This Russia story is a cover-up for the illegal use of intelligence. They knew that eventually this would all come out and now they have their Russia investigation to cover a former president spying on the incoming administration. No one had more ties to foreign money or Russia as Hillary Clinton. Obama used the IRS as a political weapon against political enemies. Where was the special counsel?

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