Boris Johnson Says Putin is Planning ‘Biggest War In Europe Since 1945’

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Boris Johnson Vladimir Putin

British prime minister Boris Johnson has warned that evidence suggests that Vladimir Putin is planning ‘the biggest war in Europe since 1945’ and there were already signs that the plan has ‘in some senses’ begun’.

Johnson said that intelligence indicates that Russia intends to launch an attack coming down from Belarus to surround Ukraine’s capital city Kiev.

During a security conference in Munich, the PM added that: ‘The plan that we’re seeing is for something that could be the biggest war in Europe since 1945 just in terms of sheer scale’ He also warned warned that Putin would face decades of ‘bloodshed and misery’ if his troops invade Ukraine.

The Mail Online reports: His comments mirrored President Joe Biden warning that the US has reason to believe Russian forces ‘intend to attack’ Ukraine in the coming days, including targeting Kiev.

Mr Johnson also said that people needed to understand ‘the sheer cost in human life’ that such an invasion could ‘entail’, both for Ukrainians and Russians.

He added: ‘All the signs are that the plan has already in some senses begun.’ 

His stark warning came after he warned an invasion of Ukraine appear to be ‘in motion’ and could cause ‘the destruction of a democratic state’ and ‘the shock will echo around the world’.

The Prime Minister said that aggression in separatist-held areas in the east of Ukraine had the potential be a ‘prelude to bigger action’, with the West fearing a so-called ‘false flag’ operation that could give Moscow cover to wage war on Kiev.

Mr Johnson made the comments to broadcasters following his speech to the Munich Security Conference, where he is meeting world leaders to discuss the tension in eastern Europe.

Speaking at the summit today, Mr Johnson said the ‘omens are grim’ from Russia on the possibility of an invasion in the coming days, and that the world could not ‘underestimate the gravity of this moment’. 


  1. Perversity is their plaything. There’s no way Putin would risk losing the magnificent lifestyle he’s just created for himself. Anyone saying otherwise is ridiculous.

    • And at his age there’s nothing on it for him to gain by starting any war at all and especially when we all know there’s no way Russia could ever hope to win against the British Americans French Dutch Aussies Canadians new Zealand South Africans SpanishInfians, South Koreans Philipines, etc etc, even if China decided to side with him

    • You are wrong They’re itching to start a war and that’s been obvious for years now with all of their constant anti Putin propagandas. And it might start with them saying Putins invaded Ukraine, and only people there will ever know, but it will escalate into the biggest global war the world has ever seen and very rapidly. They already held the biggest war games in the history of the world here in the 1990s in the Northern Territory and then they built the biggest hospitalbin the Southern hemisphere in Adelaide which opened just a few years ago. Its obvious the plans No one lives in Adelaide It’s the tiniest capital city in the world just about.

      • No one cares what you think. Your comments are always nonsensical. And the fact that I can’t block you has convinced me that you’re one of the site moderators.

      • The war games were so intense and spread to WA so jets would be screaming overhead like we were at war and actually they got so carried away several pilots were killed in crashes, but they hushed it all up. And there’s a direct twain line from the NT straight to the adelaide hospital which is sooo huge its listed as 1 of the 7 wonders of the New World Order already.

        • And here in WA they’ve established Albany, the former whaling port and coincidentally rhe port from where the aussy anzacs were sent to Gallipoli, as the nuclear sub and battle ship service centre for the South Pacific region Where I live in a very quiet community on a very quiet stretch of highway from the capital citt to Albanythey just built a MASSIVE fuel station with about 24 diesel outlets in a station with a 60 to 80 foot high roof. That’s not for the locals to use in their subarus and suvs That’s for military movements and trucks towing missiles. There’s already 3 petrol stations to cater to the town which is 4000 people.

  2. Boris is a huge liar. Russia’s military budget is laugable compare to the USA alone, not even including NATO countries.
    We need to replace our western leaders, they lie to us and are killing us and our children. this is a very true statement.

  3. Since the western governments are attacking their own citizens and forcing clots shots, who will be left to fight Russia?

  4. If Lucifer wants a war, he must first ask God’s permission. Then he gives the orders to every world leader (freemason) and they work together to make the War. This is the final last War on earth, because Lucifer’s time is over very soon. War like all activities that destroy life God created, is satanic. A satanic sacrifice is this: the victims who are tortured and killed are the sacrifice=Lucifer can’t take their souls, they go straight to heaven. It is the souls of the participants in the satanic ritual that are not sacrificed=they belong thereafter to Lucifer in Hell for eternity, they will become soulless demons in Hell, for Lucifer to totally control. In war there are a maximum of participants involved doing the dirty work on orders from on high (freemasons), The point is to get with lies and false pride and money people with souls to do the actual killing and mass destruction. Christ Jesus came as an example. The satanic sacrifice of Jesus was done by the soldiers. They believed he was a disodent/criminal. When you participate in any satanic ritual, you lose your soul. That is why Jesus came, to show you how to get to heaven. It is better to be the victim, as all who love and worship God and have souls will be, and ascend to heaven afterwards, then to be those who carry out the orders of Lucifer and do the satanic destruction of life God created, and turn against his fellow man. (as the canadian police have just done) I am sure the soldiers who hammered the nails, mocked, laughed, whipped, and killed our lord Jesus Christ are still in Hell with Judas who sold Christ for 30 pieces of silver. The canadian police will join them. So it will be for all of us at the end in WW3. Everyone will decide his fate. Those who serve satan and wipe out the people who love and serve God have chosen eternity in Hell for themselves. Those who resist the lies of the devil and obey God’s laws (torture is an unforgivable sin) and trust in God and refuse the Mark of the beast, have chosen and earned Eternal life in the Kingdom of God. Everyone will be tested, because this world is ending. Radiation Nuclear radiation will wipe out all life, no matter which side you chose. The soldiers who tortured and killed in ALL the satanic ritual wars of the past are still in Hell. The only war that was not satanic was Ghandi’s war of peaceful resistance against Great Britian and he won without any violence. He was an Angel. Choose who you wantto become in the next world very carefully. It is either a future angel in Heav enor a demon in Hell. Hell is more blissful and joyful and beautiful in every sense your body mind and souls can ever feel. It is an ecstatic happiness that is uncomparable to anything of this world. Hell is just the opposite, and it smells worse than anything you could imagine, to all your other sences the same is true=horrible beyond comprehension it is LOVE. Yet those in Hell prefer it. They prefer, hate, fear and anger all the time. Satan tells you his fake two sides, trump or Biden, america or Russia and china, its a crock of BS. There are only 2 sides Lucifer or God, the others America, Russia and China and the pope ever nation will be in it together as Freemasonic satanists always are=totally controlled by Lucifer=every side of the war is just a charade, to take your souls. Be wiser than serpents. God is in control he is testing you. He will create a new beautiful earth, more heavenly than Paradise. He does not need satan’s technology and science to do it. Satan can immitate and he can NEVER create. His only power is to destroy=souls her on earth and take them to eternal Hell.

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