FEMA Trains Cops For Mass Arrests And Civil War

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FEMA, DHS train cops to prepare for civil war in America

The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA have conducted a three day training exercise in Texas to help police departments deal with riots and a coming civil war. 

The drills saw cops from fifteen different police departments learn how to counter “domestic and civil disturbances”, including how to use riot gear on members of the public.

Infowars.com reports:

“Riots are hard to detain, and as little officers as they have they are probably going to be outnumbered most of the time. It’s vital that they get it correct the first time,” Criminal Justice major Dylan Solis told KCEN-TV.

The exercises involved protesters provoking cops but classroom briefings on “large-crowd management, critical thinking, intuitive decision-making skills and the public’s right to peaceably assemble” were also held.

FEMA instructors were on hand to advise cops on the protesters’ “constitutional rights” as well as how to “handle situations with multiple arrests and mobile field-force team methods.”

The training is expected to be put into practice in “realistic situations,” and more drills are being planned for the future.

As we highlighted yesterday, police departments across the country are buying riot gear in expectation of more Ferguson-style civil unrest sweeping the country.

Top insurer Lloyds also released a report that warned of a “pandemic” of global civil unrest that could go viral, while panicked elitists have been busy preparing for doomsday scenarios by purchasing luxury underground survival bunkers to protect them from the “general public.”

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