Lebanese PM : Israel Wants New War With Lebanon

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The Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri has warned that recent actions are an indication that Israel wants a new conflict with Lebanon.

His comments followed after Tel Aviv unveiled the latest addition to its missile system.

Hariri also dismissed concerns that Hezbollah might provoke a conflict with Israel during an interview with France24 TV station

“I think that Israel is the one that wants to launch a war against Lebanon, and not Hezbollah,” he said adding that “Israel does not want the Arabs to rest. Look at the daily Israeli violations of our airspace, land and territorial waters”

Press TV reports:

Hariri’s comments came after Israel unveiled the “David’s Sling” missile system at Hatzor air force base in central occupied Palestinian territories.

The system became operational amid heightened tensions along northern borders with Lebanon and Syria. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the missile system was meant against the “existence” of those who allegedly sought to destroy Israel.

Last month, Israeli warplanes struck several targets in Syria, drawing retaliatory missile fire from Syrian forces, in the most serious incident between the two sides since the start of war in Syria in 2011.

After the retaliation, Israeli minister of military affairs Avigdor Lieberman threatened to destroy Syria’s air defense systems “without the slightest hesitation” if such an incident were to happen again.

Israel has carried out strikes within Syrian borders to stop what it says are deliveries of advanced weapons to Hezbollah which is fighting Takfiri terrorists in the Arab country. The Israeli assaults, however, have often followed Syrian army advances, raising suspicions of Israeli attempts to change the tide in favor of militants.

Last month, Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Netanyahu had recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow to express his deep concern over the likely collapse of Daesh in Syria.

Tel Aviv has also escalated its aggressive rhetoric and military incursions into southern Lebanon, prompting President Michel Aoun to warn that any Israeli attempt to violate his country’s sovereignty would be met with an “appropriate response.”

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett said last month “life in Lebanon today is not bad” compared to Syria, adding Tel Aviv should target civilians in a future war with the country and send it “back to the Middle Ages.”


  1. Of course they do. The little crime cabal occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinian people, wants to bring their Nightmare of the Zionist “Greater Israhell Project” to reality. To do this, they need most of Syria, good bit of Egypt, and a good bit of Lebanon. Want peace in the middle east, got to kick the zionist out of the middle east.

    This should explain how to combat Zionism.
    Called, ‘Zionist Webworms”

  2. If Israel want’s to build the “David’s Sling” missile system then they don’t need anyone’s approval, least of all any of the surrounding nations

    • By that same rationale, if Israels neighbors want to develop or ‘buy’ nukes they don’t need anyone’s approval either.

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