Jewish Security Take Place Of Police On London Streets

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Jewish security grouop ‘Shomrim’ run by Hasidic Jewish volunteers has stepped up its presence in north London following the Paris terror attacks last week amid fears of copycat attacks in London. 

Shomrim London tweeted that it would have extra patrol cars in areas with large Jewish communities.


Shomrim London urged local residents to “remain calm & vigilant”

The Independent reports:

The group – named after the Hebrew term for ‘guards’ – operates with the help of 80 volunteers, and focuses on London boroughs including Golders Green, Hendon and Barnet.

Its members, who receive training from the Metropolitan Police, wear uniforms complete with knife-proof vests and look out for anti-Semitic hate crimes, as well as general trouble in the neighbourhood, the Mail Online reported.

The volunteer group also runs a 24-hour crime hotline, and its members are trained to safely track and detain suspects until police arrive.

As news of the patrols spread, members of the public previously unaware of the group’s work appeared concerned by their activities – particularly their uniforms and patrol vehicles which resemble those used by the police.

However, the Hackney branch of the Metropolitan Police reassured the public that Shomrim has its support.

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