Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán Says”Migration Must be Stopped”

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Hungarian PM ViKtor OrbáN

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has declared that “migration must be stopped” in order to preserve Europe’s cultural heritage.

During a leaders panel discussion at the international Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia, Orbán said that mass migration from Muslim countries was not a reasonable solution to the continent’s demographic decline

He told the forum that Hungary does not accept migration as a solution to demographic challenges because migrants, “all Muslims”, change the cultural identity of Europe.

“We do not need outsiders, because they are changing the composition of European societies, the cultural image of Europe, the Christian, family-based system” he said.

Summit news reports: Highlighting how mass migration leads to social dislocation, rising crime and terrorism, Orbán stated plainly, “migration must be stopped.”

Orbán wants the European Union to hand more power back to sovereign states to control their own borders, arguing that a federalized approach to the issue would exacerbate the problem.

As we previously highlighted, as part of an effort to reduce reliance on migration, Hungary passed a policy in 2019 that rewarded married couples with a loan of €30,600 that was completely forgiven after they had three children.

Orbán has repeatedly warned that Europe’s native population decline is a “sickness” and that population replacement via mass migration represents “demographic suicide.”

The Hungarian leader also said during the forum that the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban means that another mass migration crisis is looming.


    • They don’t steal culture They impose culture and England is fundamentally Druidic, pagan. They are the biggest empire still on earth and that’s why London is the richest square mile on earth.

  1. I raise this obvious point. The countries that allow abortion are importing people (and their culture) from countries that do not allow abortion. I will even add this axiom. Liberalism is a self correcting problem. It destroys itself.

    Western culture has simply become too liberal to survive. Their Populations have too much misplaced empathy, and they allow themselves to be governed by too many sociopaths.

  2. Beautiful cities of Eastern European countries and Austria don’t want to look like Paris,Brussels or Birmingham. Islamised ethnic ghettos where in many areas women are spat at if they dress western way.

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