Experts Are Predicting A Covid Surge In UK As Schools Reopen

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Experts are predicting that there will be a surge in Covid-19 cases linked to the reopenong of schools in England and Wales this week.

Even worse they warn it’s “highly likely” there will be large levels of infection in UK schools by the end of September!

MSN reports: Headteachers’ unions have voiced concerns as many safety measures to combat the spread of the virus in schools have been eased since the end of the last term.

It has prompted the government to face claims it is implementing a “hit and hope” strategy over the return of pupils.

Amid fears that more children will catch COVID as schools reopen, how much of a danger is the virus to youngsters and could vaccinating those as young as 12 curb serious infections?

Are children more likely to contract COVID as schools reopen?

The simple answer is yes, says Dr David Strain, senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School.

“The summer holiday acted exactly as a firebreak would,” he told Sky News.

“What we’re now expecting is the rates to pick up and the R number to jump to about 1.7 – basically doubling in case numbers on a weekly basis.”

England’s current coronavirus reproduction number – or R value – is between 1 and 1.1, according to the latest official data.

In Scotland, COVID cases among young people have risen sharply since schools reopened and restrictions were dropped two weeks ago.

Experts have warned that it is “highly likely” there will be large levels of infection in UK schools by the end of September.

The government’s scientific advisers have said the vaccine rollout will have made “almost no difference” to many pupils as it currently only extends to 16 and 17-year-olds, along with some younger children at higher risk from the virus


  1. As i assume testing will still be enforced on children there will of course be an increase in fake positive tests.

  2. They’re all lying even more now because they know as more people get jabbed more will get COVID and die. So they have to make the story match the coffins and hospitalizations That was the plan all along. “and they will grow worse and worse, deceiving and BEING deceived” Book of Job.

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