Woman Can See More Colors Than An Average Person (Video)

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Scientists have identified a woman who can see infinitely more colors than the average person.

People with the ability to see nearly a hundred million variations in color are called tetrachromats.

This is caused by a genetic mutation in women, who have four types of cones in their eyes. Only an estimated one percent of the human population possesses this trait.

Most people are trichromats, who have three cones. People who are color blind are dichromats, and have only two.

Kimberly Jameson, a cognitive scientist at the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences at the University of California in Irvine is quoted as saying, “The difference between the color dimensions perceived by a tetrachromat and someone with normal vision is not as dramatic as the difference between someone who is colorblind and someone with normal vision.”

Studies have shown there are quite a few people with four cones who aren’t able to see more colors. This means if the ability to see a larger variation in color isn’t developed, it might be lost.

One woman involved in the studies has shown the ability to see a variation of many distinct colors. She has been painting from an early age and now teaches art classes.

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