Englishman Shoots Off His Socks Using A Rocket Launcher

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An Englishman from Lincolnshire has found a novel way to take off his socks while sitting at the back of a truck…

Inventor, Colin furze removes his socks off with the aid of a rocket launcher and has posted a video showing how he does it on youtube

Lincolnshire Echo reports:

It shows him sitting in a field with some string attached to his black socks. The other end of the string is tied to a rocket launcher mounted on his shoulder.

The video shows Mr Furze fire the rocket and his socks shoot off – he then appears shocked that it went to plan.

The inventor has previously posted videos that include taking a remote control wheelie bin around town by taking it across the main road in Stamford and barging into two women having a coffee.

He has also been seen with videos that show his own wolverine claws and a giant powered firework.

Colin furze sets off explosions using a home made thermite cannonEnglishman

He shows viewers a home made cannon which launches shells of thermite at a variety of objects including fireworks, petrol canisters and a washing machine.

The cannon was made at his workshop and the experiment was carried out at secure site.

colinfurze YouTube video:

Thermite is generally used to weld train tracks together and cuts through steel.Englishman


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