“No One Actually Needs an AR-15” Says Hillary Clinton

Fact checked
Hillary Clinton

No one actually needs an AR-15″ according to Hillary Clinton.

Clinton made her comment via twitter on Friday, but seemed to forget that she’d received years of taxpayer-funded protection from agencies and departments, many of which make use of AR-15 rifles.

Breitbart reports: This is not the first time Clinton has a taken a position against guns that runs totally counter to the fact she has spent many years of her life living with the peace of mind that comes from being protected by good guys with guns.

Following the December 2, 2015, San Bernardino attack that killed 14, Clinton said, “Guns, in and of themselves…will not make Americans safer.”

She reacted to push-back against gun-free zones and calls for more citizens armed for self-defense by saying, “…Arming more people–to do what?–I think it’s not the appropriate response to terrorism.”

On January 3, 2016, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump pushed back against Hillary’s comments, saying, “Hillary said that guns don’t keep you safe. If she really believes that she should demand that her heavily armed bodyguards quickly disarm!”


  1. To be fair, Hillary never killed anyone with an AR-15.
    She had her enemies strangled, fall off a cliff, piano dropped on their head, etc. None of them were killed by an AR. So she sees no need for them.

  2. Why does anyone quote or repeat anything the hag Hilary says? She’s completely disenfranchised. Everyone knows her crimes..

  3. sad, these dingle balls keep seeking attention, the stench of that regime seems to have a life of it’s own – break out the wood chipper

  4. Another one added to their kill list I see on here. Electric cord tied to body with concrete in 10 feet of water and another hanging from a tree and also shot.

  5. If public servants “within” Our Government weren’t Completely Corrupt, this woman, By Law, Wouldn’t Be Here to speak…NO! ANY Gun With Ammo. IS LEGAL In the U.S.A., “INFRINGING” IS NOT.

  6. They don’t know how to lead by example and if we followed the example they have set–would they be here?

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