Twitter BANS Accounts of Elected Afghanistan Officials Who Oppose The Taliban

Fact checked
Twitter bans accounts of elected officials who criticize the Taliban

Twitter has banned the accounts of elected Afghanistan government officials who spoke out about the terrorist Taliban regime.

At the same time Twitter announced they will allow the Taliban to remain on the platform.

Twitter also banned President Trump’s account earlier this year. They truly are the enemy of the people. reports: President Trump slammed Twitter leftists earlier this week.


  1. If treason prospers, none dare call it treason.

    There was a time when if you were at war with a country, locals who supported the enemy were imprisoned or killed. Now we give them billions of dollars and government protection. The likes of you and I? On terrorist watch lists.

    Muslim brotherhood mosques? Protected.
    Pastors having services? Arrested.
    Mosques? Given exemptions from noise bylaws and coronu regulations.

    I see a pattern here folks.

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