Hillary Clinton’s Contradictory Stance Against Oil Money Donations

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Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is confusing her stance on campaign contributions from big oil and other fossil fuel companies, and opposition attacks on candidates who accept such monies, according to unconfirmed video evidence.

The former Secretary of State recently blew her top at an environmental activist who had dared ask if she would stop taking money from oil and other fossil fuel companies. “I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I’m sick of it.

Flashback 2008: Clinton Attacked Obama For Taking Oil Money [VIDEO]

Note: The video is unlisted and cannot yet be verified as authentic.

Daily Caller reports:

She told a young Greenpeace activist Thursday she was “sick of the Sanders campaign lying about” who is funding her campaign. But in 2008, Clinton launched a similar attack against then-Sen. Barack Obama.

“Barack Obama accepted $200,000 from executives and employees of oil companies,” a Clinton campaign ad from 2008 said of her then-Democratic presidential primary opponent. “Every gallon of gas takes over three bucks from your pocket, but Obama voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill that put $6 billion in pocket of big oil.”

“Hillary voted against it. She’ll make oil companies pay to create the new jobs in clean energy America needs,” the ad said.

“I’m Hillary Clinton, and I approve this message,” Clinton says at the end of the ad, giving it her stamp of approval.


Clinton attacked the Greenpeace activist this week for asking if the former diplomat would pledge not to take any money from fossil fuel companies. Clinton’s primary opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, signed a pledge from environmentalists to not take money from coal, natural gas and oil interests.

“I have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies,” Clinton told the activist. “I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I’m sick of it.”

The Greenpeace activist’s question came in the wake of a report from the environmental group claiming Clinton’s campaign and affiliated super PAC “received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry.”

“Greenpeace has tracked $1,465,610 in bundled and direct donations from lobbyists currently registered as lobbying for the fossil fuel industry,” according to the group’s report.

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