Labour Party Hires Racist Eugenics Transgender Activist As Policy Adviser

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Labour hires racist eugenics transgender activist as policy adviser

A transgender eugenics activist who said that “all white people are evil” has been hired by the Labour Party as a shadow cabinet adviser.  

Munroe Bergdorf confirmed on Instagram that she was “thrilled to announce that I’ve been asked to be part of an LGBT+ advisory board for The Labour Party” below a picture of her standing next to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. reports: She would “advise Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, Dawn Butler MP, on issues affecting the LGBT+ community”, as part of the role, as well as “help form and push through fairer and more effective policy change”.

In recent days, the activist has implied the President of the United States is a racist and claimed that the suffragettes were “white supremacists”.

Ms. Bergdorf was just one member of a new ‘LGBT Advisory Panel’ announced by Labour on Monday, which consisted of mainly celebrities and business people.

There appears to have been little consultation on the creation of the group, with LGBT Labour – an established, elected group of party members – accusing it of being an “unelected and undemocratic group” taking over their work.

Ms. Bergdorf first rose to prominence when she was fired from a L’Oreal advertising campaign in September last year, after saying “[the white] race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth” in a foul-mouthed rant online.

In comments directed at an entire ethnic group, she argued that white people “inherited” bigoted attitudes and are intrinsically dangerous by virtue of their biology.

She said: “Your entire existence is drenched in racism. From micro-aggressions to terrorism, you guys built the blueprint for this sh*t.

“Come see me when you realise that racism isn’t learned, it’s inherited and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege.

“Once white people begin to admit that their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth… then we can talk.

“Until then stay acting shocked about how the world continues to stay f*cked at the hands of your ancestors and your heads that remain buried in the sand with hands over your ears.”

After making the explicitly racist comments, Ms. Bergdorf was promptly invited on the BBC to spread her views on multiple occasions, was verified on Twitter, and will now be advising Her Majesty’s Opposition on policy.

The Labour Party has already sparked a number of racism rows this year, by banningwhite men from an equalities conference and attempting to charge white people extra to see Mr. Corbyn talk, before the equalities watchdog blocked the move.


    • This creature is nothing more than a freak of nature and needs to be put down.
      Unfortunately there is no cure for liberalism.

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