Prince Donated $50,000 To 9/11 Truth Protest Event

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Is it possible that Prince was murdered to prevent him from using his fame and spending his money to expose 9/11 and the New World Order agenda?

In 2015 Prince donated $50,000 to one of the largest pro-9/11-truth protest events ever.

Prince actually appeared to warned about 9/11 attacks three years before they happened and spoke out about chemtrails and the NWO-illuminati depopulation agenda.

The cause of his untimely death at 57 is still unknown, a murder investigation has been launched and meanwhile conspiracy theories about his death abound. As Baxter Dimitry warns: “There is a lot of misinformation flying around at the moment. Be careful what you believe.”


Veterans Today Editor Kevin Barrett reports:

Today we learned that Prince donated $50,000 for the Nation of Islam’s Million Family March in October, 2015. It was by far the biggest pro-9/11-truth protest event ever, as described in my article Farrakhan’s “Justice or Else” march rocks DC.

Prince’s net worth was estimated at between $50 million and $100 million. He was worth that much because he didn’t let the Zionist-run entertainment industry swindle him the way they have swindled so many other artists, especially black artists. He changed his name, bought back his catalogue, and generally wouldn’t play their game.

Someone with 50 to 100 million dollars and a high media profile who’s exposing the New World Order agenda could easily be deemed an “actionable threat.”

But what really makes me suspicious is the Zionist cackling, spitting on the man’s memory, and dancing on Prince’s grave. When you see the Zionists doing their victory dance – as I saw a huge group of them doing on the campus mall in Madison, Wisconsin when Bush invaded Iraq – you know they’re celebrating something really nasty.

Case in point: Zio-extremist propaganda hack Debbie Schlussel just published a vicious post-mortem hit piece on Prince. You can bet Schlussel’s article expresses the Bibi/neocon party line.

Schlussel mocks the dead Prince as “The Artist Currently Known as Cremated Wormfood” – a dig at the way he changed his name to prevent his big Zionist record company from robbing him. She is furious that he “never played a concert in Israel” and had a positive view of Islam. But what angers her (and Zionists in general) the most is that he donated that $50,000 for Farrakhan’s pro-9/11-truth event in Washington, DC.

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