Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyers REJECT Coroner’s ‘Suicide’ Ruling

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Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers reject coroner's verdict of suicide

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein have rejected the coroners official ruling that the child sex trafficker committed “suicide” by hanging himself.

Following the Friday ruling, three of Epstein’s attorneys announced that they are launching their own “independent and complete investigation” into the pedophile billionaire’s death.

Reid Weingarten, Martin G. Weinberg, and Michael Miller released a statement blasting the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s “medieval conditions,” asserting that “no one should die in jail.”

In a statement obtained by the New York Times, Epstein’s lawyers argue that “his safety was the responsibility of the MCC.”

“It is indisputable that the authorities violated their own protocol.”

The lawyers added: “We are not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner.”

“We will have a more complete response in the coming days.” 

The lawyers have hired a private pathologist to assist with their investigation.   

The medical examiner’s office said on Friday that an autopsy confirmed the 66-year-old hanged himself in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan last week.  

Martin G. Weinberg, Reid Weingarten and Michael Miller released a statement asserting that 'no one should die in jail' and blasting the Metropolitan Correctional Center's 'medieval conditions'
Martin G. Weinberg, Reid Weingarten and Michael Miller released a statement asserting that ‘no one should die in jail’ and blasting the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s ‘medieval conditions’ reports: The billionaire pedophile, who was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges involving underage girls, hanged himself with a bed sheet from the top set of bunks, according to officials.

He was found with several broken bones in his neck, including the thyroid bone, when guards were doing their morning rounds last Saturday.  

Revelations of the broken bones in his neck lead to speculation that his death was a homicide and conspiracy theories continue to swirl almost a week after his body was found.   

His death prompted outrage and disbelief over how such a high-profile prisoner, known for socializing with powerful people including presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, could have been left without surveillance at the federal facility. 

Epstein, who was charged with sexually abusing numerous underage girls over several years, had been placed on suicide watch last month after he was found on his cell floor on July 23 with bruising on his neck.

Multiple sources have said Epstein was taken off the watch after a week and put back in a high-security housing unit where he was less closely monitored but still supposedly checked every 30 minutes.  

Attorney General William Barr says officials have uncovered ‘serious irregularities‘ at the federal jail following Epstein’s death.  

The FBI and the Justice Department are both investigating. 

Jail guards on duty the night of he died are suspected of falsifying log entries to show they were checking on inmates every half-hour as required.

A guard in Epstein’s unit was working a fifth straight day of overtime and another guard was working mandatory overtime, sources said.  

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman, who is in charge of the criminal case against Epstein, asked the jail’s warden this week for answers about the earlier episode, writing in a letter Monday that it had ‘never been definitively explained’.

The warden replied that an internal investigation was completed but that he couldn’t provide information because the findings were being incorporated into investigations into Epstein’s death.

There was speculation following Epstein’s initial attempt that he had been trying to get away from his prior cellmate – former NYPD officer Nicholas Tartaglione – who is accused of killing four men over a drug deal gone wrong. 

Tartaglione, who was questioned over the incident, said that he instead saved Epstein’s life after finding him unconscious in their cell and calling for help. 

He was moved out of the cell he shared with Epstein while the billionaire was on suicide watch. 

His lawyer told NBC that Tartaglione had been cleared of any wrongdoing just a few days before the medical examiner released the autopsy findings.  

‘We’ve always maintained Nick did nothing wrong and that’s clearly been borne out here by the jail itself,’ attorney Bruce Barket said.