Jeffrey Epstein Found ‘Semi-Conscious’ After Suspected ‘Suicide Attempt’

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Jeffrey Epstein attempts suicide in jail cell

Accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found injured and semi-conscious in his New York jail cell after a suspected suicide attempt.

Sources say that the influential billionaire may have attempted to hang himself.

According to Radar Online, prison staff were seen rushing through the well-lit corridors at around 1.30 AM EST on July 23 as screams were heard by other inmates.

A witness described seeing the pedophile billionaire as being “blue in the face” and “sprawled out on the floor” while being examined by prison staff before being “carried away.”

His condition was so serious, that at one point, Epstein appeared to have lost consciousness and was unresponsive.

Epstein was arrested earlier in July on multiple child sex trafficking charges. He is friends with Bill Clinton, who flew on his plane the ‘Lolita Express’ at least 26 times and visited “orgy island,” according to one of Epstein’s alleged victims.

As a result of the incident, Epstein is now on suicide watch.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has urged the Bureau of Prisons to transport Epstein to a maximum security facility so that he remains alive and able to cooperate with prosecutors.

“Dear Bureau of Prisons: Please get Jeffrey Epstein to a super Max prison pronto, or the people who want him dead will make sure we never know the truth. ACT NOW!” Coulter tweeted.

There are many politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, celebrities, and other world leaders who are likely nervous right now as the truth about Epstein’s wealth and child sex trafficking network looks set to become public knowledge. reports: Epstein may have tried to hang himself in the lower Manhattan lockup, according to sources who spoke with WNBC-TV.

But another source said Epstein’s injuries were not serious, and raised the possibility that he may have used the incident to try obtain a transfer from the jail.

A fourth source who spoke with NBC said that officials have not ruled out the chance that Epstein was assaulted in the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Another inmate in that jail, where Epstein is being held without bail, has been questioned about the incident.

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