Hillary Clinton: Young People Are Abandoning Christianity Because It’s ‘So Judgemental’

Fact checked
Hillary Clinton says young people are quitting Christianity because it is so judgemental

Hillary Clinton has boasted that young people are quitting Christianity because it is too “judgemental” and “alienating.”

“A lot of young people are leaving the Church, in part because the way they understand what Christianity has become … so judgmental, so alienating that they think to themselves, ‘Well, I don’t need that,’” Clinton said on her podcast, “You and Me Both.”

Clinton’s guest, radical far-left activist preacher William Barber, said in response that churches must do a better job of explaining the transformative nature of Christianity.

Youngsters “are very open to faith that is about transformation, about love, about justice, about equality, about the essence — the essence of what it means to be people of faith,” said Barber.

“And I think we have to be engaged. There’s no way in the days in which we live the church can stay quarantined inside of the four walls of a building because that’s never what it was intended to do.”