Family Heartbroken After RSPCA Take Away Their Adopted Pet Fox

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A family who run an exotic pet rescue centre were heartbroken after the RSPCA took possession of their pet fox, Scarlett.

The 18-month old fox had been hand-reared since birth and was a member of the family for the last three months. The pup was living quite happily with Dave Robinson, his wife Paula, and their son Harry in Failsworth Greater Manchester together with a large number of different animals. Scarlett was housed in a 12ft by 12ft by 6ft enclosure at the family residence, until the RSPCA arrived and took her away to a so called fox sanctuary.

Metro reports:

Dave Robinson, from Failsworth in Greater Manchester, took in Scarlett three months ago after a woman contacted him through a Facebook page. The 18-month-old fox was born into captivity as were its parents.

Along with his wife ,Paula, and son, Harry, the animal lover became attached to the fox which they housed in a 12ft by 12ft enclosure, 6ft in height.

Mr Robinson said: ‘I volunteered to take Scarlett in because I knew we had the room and I really wanted to fox

‘She is a hand-reared fox who has never lived in the wild so she needed to be in the right environment.

‘Over the last few months we grew really fond of her, she became like a family pet more than an animal we have rescued. She was so comfortable around me and even took food from my hand.’

Scarlett has now been taken by the RSPCA to live at a sanctuary with other foxes.

Regarding the decision by the RSPCA, Mr Robinson said:  I built a bond with Scarlett for her own good. She¹s never been in the wild so I wanted her to get used to being around humans and now she really is.

‘Upset would be an understatement, we¹re absolutely heartbroken.

‘It all feels very unjust, a vet never actually came out to look at Scarlett, the RSPCA just took her away.’


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